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in a stagy and theatrical manner


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I think we're lucky that we can write music theatrically.
Mezzo-soprano Adriana Zabala (Cherubino) was hilarious and touching, both vocally and theatrically.
The Honduran theatrically threw himself to the ground under a challenge from Manchester City's Javier Garrido that led to the winner from man of the match Amr Zaki.
The Brazilian keeper chased the fan before theatrically falling to the ground.
It seats two and is almost ceremoniously public, theatrically and flirtatiously framed by curtains.
Her slightly severe face is totally believable theatrically.
While Burnt Black Flag and Burnt White Flag, for example, were successful in pitting theatrically heraldic form against ambiguous (cynical?
However, as Seth Feldman suggests in Allan King: Filmmaker, Warrendale quickly became a cause celebre when it was released theatrically in 1967, not because King was voyeuristically exploiting his subject but because he was rendering it with such a rare combination of sensitivity and intelligence, quiet intimacy and bold aesthetic innovation.
Expert punditry from Ian RushWell, Giggs did elbow him in the head but Evseev went down theatrically.
Released theatrically in August of 1991, Jennie Livingston's groundbreaking exploration of the Harlem House Ball circuit, Paris Is Burning, made visible a gay black and Latino subculture that was swiftly appropriated by the mainstream.
It was our intention to have the building perform theatrically because it is in the most famous entertainment district in the world," said Fort-Brescia and Hope Spear.
Some of the chapters in Slippery Characters veer away from ersatz autobiographies to discuss, for instance, theatrically staged performances at P.
The singer will be making the trip to Birmingham next Wednesday to take the driving seat of the final Mini produced at the Rover plant - 41 years after his father theatrically launched the much-loved car.