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Synonyms for theatrical

Synonyms for theatrical

suggesting drama or a stage performance, as in emotionality or suspense

overemotional exaggerated behavior calculated for effect

Synonyms for theatrical

suited to or characteristic of the stage or theater


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The performance and the music itself are theatrical, but theatricalisation in the work of Cave and the Bad Seeds is a guarantee not of insincerity or falseness but passion.
9) The theatricalisation of the phallic mother is the main objective of this article, so that the curtain might be opened on a literary work where her power is at once manifest and veiled.
She also sees it as 'the sensibility of failed seriousness, of the theatricalisation of experience'.
Por su parte, Richard Dyer utiliza las mismas caracteristicas para describir en que consiste el camp y las explica de otra manera: "camp is a characteristically gay way of handling the values, images and products of the dominant culture, through irony, exaggeration, trivialisation, theatricalisation and an ambivalent making fun of and out of the serious and respectable" (Heavenly Bodies 178).
Chapters six to seven, 'The Theatricalisation of British Popular Culture', show how 'the role of the theatre in the early 1820s was a pivotal and defining space' for debating topical issues and how some, like the Rotunda Theatre, 'became a hotbed of political and theological controversy .