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Meanwhile a grande dame of French stage and screen, Isabelle Huppert, goes raving mad in her underwear in another monumental female theatrical role, in a radical version of Tennessee Williams' "A Streetcar Named Desire."
In an August 2004 article in the Boston Globe, she wrote, "The fact is, finding good people to place in undercover assignments overseas is like casting for a theatrical role, and sometimes white guys just can't play the part."
And in that time she's been kept busy first with the Victorian drama Gaslight (sharing the stage with her Emmerdale brother Peter Amory) and now her latest theatrical role which opens at the New Theatre, Cardiff, tomorrow night.
MOST actors owe their career to a lucky break - maybe a chance meeting with a casting director, or spotted in a lowly theatrical role.
Essays on Flora Tristan, by Susan Grogan, and on Marguerite Durand, by Mary Louise Roberts, emphasize even more the notion of performing the self as a truly theatrical role. Grogan argues that the feminist and socialist Flora Tristan, while struggling to claim legitimacy as a woman in the face of a public discourse which defined a woman's sphere of influence as domestic, conceived of herself as a heroine of melodrama, the virtuous victim of her villainous oppressors.
The theatrical role of the Church; incense, ceremony, beauty, memories of childhood -- good and bad.
Use the keyword field to search by profession, award, written work, ethnic group, theatrical role, or any other characteristic or distinctions.
I was a villain in a Doctor Who adventure 20 years ago, and I think it's a brilliantly theatrical role to play."
44), a duality pointed up by the dual meanings of papel as written contract or letter and theatrical role (p.
To add to its long-running appeal is Tom Parker, from the boyband The Wanted, who is starring as 'bad boy' Danny - his first theatrical role - alongside Over The Rainbow winner Danielle Hope as Sandy.
Ralf was last on stage two years ago at the Bush Theatre, but his first theatrical role was playing George Harrison, in the play Presence at London's Royal Court.
A great pair of performances by a genuine theatrical role model, I'd say.
As a school leaver, the creative spark within her yearned for a much more theatrical role.