theatrical poster

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a poster advertising a show or play

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The first 100 attendees will receive a "Witch Hunter Robin" theatrical poster.
The five finalist filmmakers were judged on their qualifying short film, their Chrysler branded Extreme Film, and their Feature Film project, which included a working draft of their script, storyboards, a fully-produced scene and a theatrical poster.
Suncoast Offers Exclusive `Star Wars: A New Hope' Theatrical Poster
All nine titles have been repackaged and contain minireproduction cards of the original theatrical poster for each film.
Staying true to its slogan "Your Best Source for the Force," Musicland Stores Corporation (NYSE:MLG) is making available starting today an exclusive "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace" theatrical poster.
In particular, "even with theatrical posters the artist is often hampered by the theatrical manager, who can never rest content unless he sees a whole scene set out upon the hoardings" ("Palette Scrapings").
Also included in this chapter are numerous illustrations of film and theatrical posters.
Toward the end of the century, Munch increasingly turned his artistic focus to the production of drawing and the graphic arts--such as woodcuts, etchings and lithography--and designed both theatrical posters and stage sets.
I just couldn't throw it out,' says Paul, who has actually amassed a vast museum-worthy collection of theatrical posters.
DVD Extras: Ned Kelly background information, footage from the premiere, photo gallery, artist conception drawings to final feature comparison, theatrical posters.
Next week, Bric a Brac hosts its Christmas edition, speaking to a man from Llantrisant who makes festive ornaments using stained glass, and comedian and pantomime dame, Wyn Calvin, about his collection of theatrical posters.
I am desperately looking for any memorabilia of his - genuine, signed memorabilia, sheet music, theatrical posters, old cinema posters and any old Decca 78s, especially Confidentially.
The playwright's studio is a converted chicken coop, comfortably designed by Ralph Funicello with theatrical posters, a wicker chaise lounge and a generous assortment of collectible roosters.
In addition, theatrical posters, standee displays, banners and shelf-talkers are available for all of the Disney sell-through titles.
Turn-of-the-century theatrical posters pictured a world dominated by females.