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suggesting drama or a stage performance, as in emotionality or suspense

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Together with delays, slowness and postponements, exceptions are hence an integral part of the theatric scenes of justice that maintain precarities by denying the implementation of Palestinian rights.
Now, the said production, which scored great theatric triumphs, are set to hit the stage once again this January, as an answer to fans who were not able to see the show.
She dismissed it as facetious, overly dramatic and theatric because she was a passionate person.
The center will be a new platform for talented people in cultural, artistic and theatric fields, he told KUNA following his arrival in the country to take part in inaugurating the center tomorrow.
According to Zijadin Sela, the Agreement from Przino is just a theatric performance, stressing the issue with the 39,000 disputed voters, 90% of whom are Albanians, even if it was previously mentioned that there are 300,000 disputed voters.
Born in Doha in 1956, Daham pursued his Bachelors degree in the Higher Institute of Theatric Arts in Kuwait between 1980 and 1984.
The adjudicators, Manon Steffan Ros and lola Ynyr, felt the influence of the classic work Y Twr by Gwenlyn Parry was apparent on the winning piece and that Lois was a "master at subtly creating theatric images, challenging the audience's senses".
Ermine's nightly visions are theatric, visceral, bewildering, graphic at times in their sexual nature, and horrifying in their violence.
In London at Brown's Hotel, for example, guests can look through actor Hugh Bonneville's ideal itinerary and explore his theatric recommendations, or when visiting Hotel de Rome in Berlin, guests can look through bar and restaurant legend Heinz Gindullis' hot spots.
As many as 500 publishers took part and exhibited more than 1,200,000 titles and 40 cultural events, including symposia, workshops, poetry and theatric activities, on the fringes of the exhibition on an area of 7,000 sq.
I saw the workshop room shift from adults doing arts and crafts into a stage with lighting and cameras for homegrown theatric presentations.
bronze scalding in this untimed, gust-inflicted dawn's theatric.
The invasion of otherness (in its narcotic or oppressive form) is the one shaking the foundations of the collective unconscious (and individual Neronian) revealing the theatric repression and its cathartic power in healing the identity disease; otherwise, making from the episode with the reign of Nero a distinct ideological-mentalitary sequence, Neronism, the nodal character of this sequence for historical metamorphosis of the Roman world was detected: "Curiously, Nero's megalomania, his boundless vanity, sickly fear of rivals were actually the signs revealing the destruction of the old Roman world" (Cizek 1982: 151).
Theatric Revolution: Drama, Censorship, and Romantic Era Subcultures, 1773-1832.