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In 1935 the theatre received a PS40,000 art deco refurbishment, designed by Roland Satchwell, which captured the glamour and exuberance that was associated with theatre-going in the 1930s.
Lucy Vaughan, head of education at the Lyceum Theatre Company, said: "Thousands of young people have been able to develop their interest in theatre-going and theatre-making.
I love everything from funny to serious and it is more the whole theatre-going experience which I relish.
In decades of theatre-going, I've never known anything like it.
All we are asking is for the Empire Theatre management, the Theatre-going public, and indeed opinion-formers to appreciate, consider and respect people like us to whom the persons of our faith are as family.
Sir Ian added: "Coronation Street is recorded just off Quay Street in Manchester where I did some of my earliest theatre-going at the Opera House.
The festival, which begins today, includes workshops on flirting and theatre-going.
Every year, Take One tracks all the Canadian features and feature-length documentaries that play in the Greater Toronto Area--the largest market in the world for English-Canadian films--in an effort to develop a picture of those Canadian films that are popular with the theatre-going public.
No room here for elegant public promenades, but that part of theatre-going experience has already been experienced downstairs.
It's proved to have been the right decision not only for them but also for the theatre-going public of Northern Ireland.
31 /PRNewswire/ -- In a major technological advancement in motion picture theatre-going, Star Theatres has begun the first phase of installation of Sony Dynamic Digital Sound (SDDS) in its Detroit area theatres.
Get ready next week for a dramatic new level in the theatre-going entertainment experience in St.
Producer Ian Fricker expressed his "huge regret", saying: "In an unprecedented period of national celebrations, major international sporting events, combined with a new unease in the economic climate this has resulted in a negative impact on the usually buoyant theatre-going audience.
It had re-opened the previous year after a two-year shutdown to enable an ambitious redevelopment to take place and the need to re-establish itself on the radar of the theatre-going public was paramount.
I was deeply saddened by last night and if it ever happens again, then my theatre-going days are over.