theatre of war

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the entire land, sea, and air area that may become or is directly involved in war operations

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The book is arranged in overlapping time segments so that the narrative switches abruptly from the eastern theatre of war to the western and vice versa.
Truly, thrillingly, this was the theatre of war in all its grotesque glory.
Addressing the mammoth gathering at the mausoleum of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto on her 4th death anniversary, the President said, we have decided not to join any theatre of war which has nothing to do with us, adding that rather trade would be the top priority with international community.
Sadly, the theatre of war leads to casualties and many millions have lost their lives.
It is this treatment that makes the book a valuable addition to the literature on this theatre of war.
Articles: Elaine Aston, "Feeling the Loss of Feminism: Sarah Kane's Blasted and an Experiential Genealogy of Contemporary Women's Playwriting"; Sharon Friedman, "The Gendered Terrain in Contemporary Theatre of War by Women"; Amelia Howe Kritzer, "Enough
More than 2,000 troops have left the Army in just two months, threatening a manpower crisis in this ever-more deadly theatre of war.
Interactive entertainment software company Electronic Arts Inc (EA) (NASDAQ:ERTS) reported on Monday that its studio DICE is to introduce the first multiplayer expansion pack for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in a new theatre of war, Vietnam.
Sentelle also said Bagram remains in a theatre of war, unlike Guantanamo, and is not under US sovereignty.
What is overwhelmingly evident is that consideration needs to be given to the impact of war on our environment; or better still, the obscene amounts of money directed to the theatre of war could be shaved to rid the globe of poverty, disease and illiteracy.
Having served more than the minimum one month in a theatre of war he qualified for a campaign medal - the first Royal to see action since the Duke of York in the Falklands 26 years ago.
With an informed and informative listing of historical film footage arranged in chapters focusing on the training of airmen, the building of the planes, transporting aircraft to the European theatre of war, the A.
Now I can understand the trouble and stress that a poor franco cadet in Borden must feel when trying to order a beer at Bleachers Restaurant and ending up with a rye and Coke by accident, but it is odd that pre-deployment training for a theatre of war (for either an English or French soldier) is not offered in their mother tongue.
It seems extraordinary that the Ministry of Defence were tempted to transform the hapless Prince into an inspirational figure in a dangerous theatre of war while at the same time to treat him as a special case who needs special protection.
Squadron Leader Neville Duke, 85, flew 485 operational sorties during the war and achieved 28 air combat victories, including seven aircraft shot down in seven days, to become the most successful pilot in the Mediterranean theatre of war.
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