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To clarify his point of view, he compares the theatergoer with a veteran soldier and a physician: "Nam ut miles veteranus aut medicus crebro videndo miseros consequitur ut non ultra moveatur quam oportet, ita etiam in tragoedia spectandis istiusmodi animus discit affectus suos in ordinem redigere" (2.
StageGrade users will continue to enjoy the trustworthy guide they have come to expect, with new innovations on the horizon to even more effectively match theatergoers to the shows they are most likely to enjoy.
Angelenos have many other activities available to them, so it's crucial that prospective theatergoers are intrigued enough to want to see your play rather than do something else.
The area around the escalator and stair landing is also the setting for a large bar, open to both theatergoers and the general public, where visitors will first notice the contrast in Dodger Stages between the new high-gloss finishes (such as plexiglass and stainless steel) and older, exposed textures.
Among other findings: the mean age of theatergoers is 44.
Norwegian novelist and dramatist who first brought the life of the factory worker to readers and theatergoers.
Like theatergoers filling an auditorium, the particles file into the sites of maximum light intensity.
ProLiance, Business Partners, Theatergoers Donate $110,000
Supporters envisioned 135 to 175 performances each year, drawing 50,000 theatergoers to Antique Row.
A new report found that regular theatergoers, of at least those living in the New York metro area, currently make up only 40 percent of Broadway spectators--spelling doom for new shows without a tourist hook.
Lucky Dos Angeles theatergoers have seen her brilliantly create and play Fern Magnin--a Beverly Hills gorgon who mangles The Glass Menagerie by playing the brassiest Laura ever--alongside her fellow Groundlings alums in Beverly Winwood Presents the Actor's Showcase.
Just steps away from the Broadway theaters and a multitude of Times Square entertainment venues, The Westin New York is the perfect choice for leisure travelers and theatergoers.
The League of American Theaters and Producers, the producers' trade association that sponsored and released the study, found that the greatest demographic increase on Broadway has been young people: E yen though the overall Broadway audience remains older, the number of theatergoers under the age of 18 has doubled in the last six years, from 500,000 in 1991, to 1.
Joseph Merrick, the 19th-centuryLondoner better know as the "Elephant Man,' may be remembered by medical historians and theatergoers as the unlucky victim of an unusual deformity.
Approximately 300 of Perry's live shows a year are seen by over 2,000,000 theatergoers.