theater of war

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the entire land, sea, and air area that may become or is directly involved in war operations

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Consisting of dramatic readings drawn from the ancient texts Doerries has translated, readings which are then followed by lively discussion, Theater of War riffs on the experiential model of Attic tragic theater.
To watch Theater of War in action go to PopTech Talk at http://poptech.
Up to this point, with events like synthetic theater of war, the capability has been both a mission rehearsal exercise and a technology demonstration.
Second, the book follows recent scholarship that favors the Western theater of war between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River as far more crucial than Virginia for Southern defeat.
He was a Navy veteran of WWII serving in the China, Burma, India Theater of war.
This is the account of an enlisted man, an ordinary soldier, but he had a sharp eye and an even sharper wit and a sincere devotion to disregard for authority, a combination which served him well as a coping mechanism as he moved across the Mississippi theater of war.
government, is a painful symbol of conflict, Goncalves says, not just in the global theater of war but also within our selves.
The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) said the offer was a "gesture of goodwill" to prevent further bloodshed and "to create a congenial environment" for government troops "to withdraw from the unfavorable theater of war with dignity and honor.
Campbell, he organized and conducted the first-ever synthetic theater of war exercise combining live, virtual, and constructive simulation technologies.
She went out with her airman only three times before he was sent to the China-Burma-India theater of war.
Panzer Elite presents the full theater of war, with 80+ support vehicles and infantry in addition to the 22 different tanks available.
A combat game, whether played in space, in the air, or on the ground, should have the elements of complex fights, a true variety of weapons, and detailed tactical and strategic models that make a player feel like he is really in a theater of war, not playing an arcade game.
VisiCom's Joint Force System 2 (JFS 2) is a comprehensive wargaming system that offers foreign countries state-of-the-art, commercial off-the-shelf hardware coupled with proven software to graphically depict land, air and sea forces in a simulated theater of war.
Developed by VisiCom, the system's software graphically depicts land, air and sea forces in a simulated theater of war.
WarGames is the modern follow up to the classic MGM film of the same name, and combines revolutionary 3D technology and the most advanced artificial intelligence to simulate a real theater of war.
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