theater of the absurd

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plays stressing the irrational or illogical aspects of life, usually to show that modern life is pointless

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Due to the world's inaction, many actors joined the theater of the absurd and the situation went out of control.
In Chapter Three, Crowe positions Strauss's drama Gross und Klein as a postmodern Expressionist-like Stationendrama that follows the tradition of Theater of the Absurd by confronting spectators with the emptiness and longings left by religious decline.
During his deliberately offensive speech on September 23, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described the General Assembly as 'the theater of the absurd.
Havel won renown as a playwright in the 1960s for his contribution to the Theater of the Absurd.
In the chapter "Comedy's Range" rather than provide the typical list of the various kinds of performed comedy (for example, satire, tragicomedy, Theater of the Absurd), he separates the discussion into two categories: first, how humorous moments stretch the tension of otherwise serious plays, such as in Everyman or Antigone, and second, how unrealistic forms of comedy, such as Theater of the Absurd, "the grotesque" and plays with "circular plots" can criticize aspects of society and humanity.
Creator of The Atheist's Bible, Konner (emerita journalism, Columbia Graduate School of Journalism) sets out one-liners about nothing in particular within such chapters as in the beginning, the West Wing, the classics, symphonies of silence, paradoxical logic, Warhol retrospective, theater of the absurd, nothing is sacred, the corner bar, and last words.
The theater of the absurd whereby those who defend their citizens need to be on the defensive has to end.
Offer multiple televised messages to minimize the importance of a daily briefing that has become a "silly theater of the absurd with all sides posturing for the cameras and the editors and employers watching.
POLITICAL THEATER OF THE ABSURD (The Japan Times, an English-language daily)
There's even an element of theater of the absurd that permeates the artist's creations, as when Alys had himself videotaped pushing a block of ice through the sweltering streets of Mexico City -- his home since 1986 -- until it turned into an ice cube.
Another commentator summarizes that "[language] in the theater of the absurd is not a cohesive force, a bond linking civilized man.
Jarry remains a major literary figure, as his work is an important precursor to the surrealist movement as well as to the Theater of the Absurd.
He places the emphasis on Havel's dialogue and the playwright's use of devices employed by the theater of the absurd.
Arranging and rearranging the facts in the telling, we become the authors of our lives, deciding along the way whether the story we bear is tragedy or comedy, scripture or theater of the absurd, to name only a few options.
It's the kind of mordantly comic exercise in existential philosophy that the term theater of the absurd was invented to describe.
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