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any of various lights used in a theater

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On the display will also be the latest range of LED OT Lights, shadowless Halogen Operation Theater Lights and imported ICU pendants and other Operating Room solutions.
When the aura of theater lights fills her mind and she feels the heat-flutter of bodies move across her stage, she needs nothing and no one from this world where men ask women to sit for them in fantasy, and she makes of that interiority this vibrancy--figures slipping down hallways to smaller and smaller rooms, and beyond the corridors opening onto miniature bricked pathways, beyond the swinging bridges, beyond porticoes and creaking porch steps, her self is a filament of sunlight on a splintered oak table where a vase of tulips glistens by a curtain's raveled hem.
SHOW" consisted of five evenings of performance spread across four weeks in the Oberlichtsaal of the Kunsthalle, which was transformed into a stage equipped with basic features like theater lights, props, and bleachers.
The wall would also cut down on glare from theater lights, they said.
Magnatek Enterprises specializes in OT equipment like fully automatic remote controlled multi-procedure C-Arm Imaging Surgical Tables, wide range of Operating Room Tables and OT Table accessories, OR pendants, ICU Pendants, Operation Theater Lights, LED OT Lights, Shadowless Halogen Lights, Dialysis Chairs, and Patient transfer Systems.
7 -- 8) Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe, above, had a fling during the filming of ``Proof of Life,'' but audiences found their passion DOA; Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, right, also failed to set off sparks when the theater lights dimmed.
It comes as no surprise that the first film to which viewers were not admitted once the theater lights had been lowered was Hitchcock's Psycho.
c) Auditoriums, drama classrooms and studios; beamers, among other things, audio features, grid and platform, and theater lights, grid, audio services and presentation means (drama premises).
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