Industrial Workers of the World

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a former international labor union and radical labor movement in the United States

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Princess Pushy, who lives just along the corridor, tells Tatler magazine: "I thought she (Kate) would get the wobblies...
The Wobblies, as members of the IWW were called, have a special place in the hearts of many leftists.
He was viewed by some as a "stooge for the Reds and the Wobblies." His infamous "I have seen the future" quote, referring to Russia as humanity's great hope, ruined his reputation in many circles.
More information about the Free Speech Movement, the Wobblies, and the walk over the Siskiyous can be found at the Eugene library and at
Cannon (1890-1974) was an American socialist involved with various communist parties over the course of his life, in addition to having been an organizer with the radical union, the Industrial Workers of the World (the Wobblies).
MJ: Some of your critics say that the images you use weren't meant to be owned or commercialized, such as images from the Wobblies, or communist propaganda.
Against the Wobblies they went from being a team of lost schoolboys to one that knew what it wanted and how to get it.
But the wobblies, in fact, have endured a long time.
One would expect these people to be culturally and politically conservative, yet they voted for the New Deal, participated in a general strike for union recognition in 1937, and fought the company so insistently in the mid-40s that Fine titles one section "the Long Wildcat Strike, 1943-1947." She even presents evidence that at least a few Reo workers flirted with the Wobblies during the wildcat era.
Above all the Wobblies left a vigorous emancipatory legacy with their militant spirit of solidarity, exemplified by the motto "An Injury to One is an Injury to All" and the splendid songs of Joe Hill, T-Bone Slim, and others.
The kids were immediately into their stride, and amused themselves by 'spotting the wobblies' - adults who had either never ridden a bike or had absolutely no sense of balance.
stayed with the Wobblies, who were easier to get on with.
Visit the United States and see the Wobblies queueing up at the All You Can Eat restaurants.
I'm talking about the abolitionists and the suffragettes, the Wobblies and labor organizers, the freedom riders and civil rights marchers, and the antiwar activists.
They embraced the labor radicalism of the Wobblies, even while they were parodied by vaudeville and motion picture comics.