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human conception without fertilization by a man

the theological doctrine that Jesus Christ had no human father

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The subject of the tender is the ceiling repair, painting and plastering church church of the nativity of the virgin mary in the virgin birth.
They are also less likely to attend Christmas religious services and to believe in the virgin birth.
In simple language that is at once academic but still easily accessible to a non-specialist readership, Benedict says the story of the virgin birth is not just a reworking of earlier Greek or Egyptian legends and archetypal concepts but something totally new in history.
If it were not for the virgin birth, mankind would really have something to worry about
Evangelicals have rightly talked much about the virgin birth of Christ, his deity, and his future return.
The Vatican revoked Kung's license to teach Catholic theology in 1979 after he criticized church teachings on papal infallibility and the virgin birth.
AN UNHOLY row has broken out after a retired minister was accused of blasphemy after claiming Christianity had "caused great evil" and that the virgin birth was a fantasy.
However, somewhat surprisingly, more people believe in the virgin birth than angels with only 28 per cent believing that angels visited the shepherds - a staple of the traditional school nativity play - compared with 32 per cent who believe it fictional.
The second, and much shorter part, is a glossary of terms and events which could be longer: there are no definitions, for example, for the Virgin Birth, justification by faith, Assumption, transubstantiation and so on.
The story of the Virgin Birth is not the easiest to translate into modern terms but with its soundtrack of great Liverpool music and the up-front performances we have come to expect of Liverpool actors, the production carried all before it.
One may object that all religious beliefs are irrational--what's the difference between Smith's "seer stone" and the virgin birth or the parting of the Red Sea?
The cathedral choir performed a host of rousing carols including Once in Royal David's City, O Little Town of Bethlehem, and Hark the Herald Angels Sing, which were interspersed with drama and hip hop from rap group Dependence which took part in a contemporary drama interpretation of the Virgin birth called Mary, Mary, followed by a rap performance.
If Spong denies the virgin birth, and he does, and if he rejects the resurrection, and he does, how can he consider himself a Christian?
The virgin birth story is refuted by the eighteenth century discovery of the egg cell, the spatial imagery of the ascension story makes no sense after Copernicus and Galileo, and the Bible abounds with unbelievable miracle stories.
Kung's licence to teach Roman Catholic theology was revoked by the Vatican in 1979 after he cast a critical eye on concepts such as papal infallibility and the virgin birth.