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Synonyms for divinity

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The full title translates as A Fitting Refutation of the Divinity of Jesus from the Evidence of the Gospel, and the text is attributed to the famous 11th-century scholar Abu Hamid al-Ghazali (d.
8220;We are excited to announce this partnership with the Divinity School,” said Campbell Law Dean J.
1a) The heresy or error centers in the king's doctrine concerning the worship of the divinity Aton, which in its simplest interpretation symbolized the radiant energy of the sun.
It is the divinity residing in the midst of us, and our task is to unite with and express this divinity.
Bishop Stendahl later joined the Harvard faculty and in 1968 became dean of the divinity school, a post he held until 1979, overseeing an expansion of the curriculum that gave increasing prominence to the experiences of women and racial minorities.
The main point of the movie, as far as defining the themes of Brown's book, is denying the divinity of Christ, undermining the Bible, and defaming Christianity.
None of the contributors have made the divinity the central focus of their scholarship, but have found that the figure cannot be ignored, as many of his contemporary mythological figures also found to their dismay.
By 2004, that number had grown to 117, roughly one-fourth of the Methodist divinity school's student body; more than 200 Baptists have graduated from the divinity school in the past decade.
For questions about the current phase, "Dialogue with People of Living Faith," contact Paul Stuehrenberg, the divinity librarian, at paul.
I tell my students in the Divinity School, "If you have any other option, take it; don't do this, there are easier ways to make a living, and you'll make a much better living than you will if you go out as a preacher or a teacher.
For Maria the divinity resided not in the written page at all but in an impalpable and transient oral world; and while her sisters, against the usual assumption, recognized that " Maria Maddalena's orality meant something," they could convey that orality only be cavesdropping on Maria's private raptures and "translating" that orality -- that "lost test" -- into an idiom the creator herself never intended.
Hopkins The Divinity School of the University of Chicago
At the same time, the presence of the divinity school in the midst of the university should suffuse the university as a whole with the democratic and spiritual values of liberal Protestantism.
Careful study has demonstrated that we can best fulfill the mission of the Divinity School and continue to build upon its strengths with an adaptive reuse of the present facilities,'' Yale President Richard C.
in chemistry from the University of North Carolina, a Master of Divinity degree from the Divinity School of Duke University and Doctor of Ministry degree from Howard University.