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The traditional chiefs of both sides agreed to resume the common market at Amiet, as a temporary location, until 31 December.
The UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait stand out among GCC countries in embracing the common market in terms of property ownership, enticing regional visits and opening of bank branches.
BEIRUT: A trade agreement between Lebanon and Mercosur, also known as the common market of South America, is to be signed next month in Argentina, Ambassador Ricardo Larriera said Monday.
The common market will inevitably lead to accelerated development of non-oil economic sectors in the GCC.
The Islamic Republic has been publicly pushing the common market idea for decades.
1 (SUNA) - A Delegation of the National Elections Commission was briefed on the Zambian expirement on the updating of the voting register and exchanged views with their Zambian counterparts when they visited the headquarters of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA).
Our colleagues from neighbouring countries are fully aware of the common market and they in fact started doing cross-border business even before the common market gates were officially opened, he said adding; For instance the main buyers of the Mang ola onions are from Kenya and we have been trading with them for years.
With photos) KUWAIT, Sept 12 (KUNA) -- The creation of the common market among Gulf Cooperation Council member states would have great positive impact on the economies of the region, economic experts and officials agreed Wednesday.
A decade later most of those ships and jobs were lost to the Common Market and Common Agricultural Policy.
If Mr Murray casts his mind back to the debate and vote which as he says approved joining the Common Market I don't recall anything being said about standing guarantor for 28 or is it 29 other countries, some of which, if my geography teacher was right all those years ago, are in north Africa not Europe.
WHEN Harold Wilson and Ted Heath in the sixties were determined to take us into the Common Market (EU), and eventually did, I wrote opposing this move.
Participants agreed on preparing a preliminary study highlighting different projects to support the common market, in addition to creating a media plan and holding workshops to increase awareness among the public and the government, private and education sectors on its benefits and importance.
According to EAC Secretary General Juma Mwapachu, eliminating the work permit requirement for professionals is the starting point for realizing the full benefits of free movement within the common market.
For instance, back in 1961 I could see that Heath was a liar when he claimed that the Common Market was just a trading agreement.
The seminar is also aimed at identifying the opinions of the business community in Bahrain on the common market and taking their suggestions on the elimination and obstacles that could face its implementation process.