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no longer frozen solid

no longer frozen

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All frozen beef samples (F2, A3F2, and F2A3) were thawed in a cold room at 2[degrees]C for 24 h.
If the frozen and thawed material is going to be used as a template for a 15,000-base pair (15 kb) long-range PCR, it's a lot more likely to show evidence of damage than if a 150 bp sub-region is all that's being detected.
We noticed a bloom of one particular microbial type that comes to abundance in the thawed habitat.
In order to determine what effect these microorganisms will have, a team led by Janet Jansson of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California collected three cores from permafrost soil in central Alaska and then thawed out samples from each core and kept them at 5[degrees]C.
After 24 hours of cryopreservation, the semen straws were thawed at 37degC for 30 seconds in water bath and then incubated for 6 hours for assessment of post-thaw semen quality.
Frozen trains are normally de-iced by using high-pressure water lances in covered sheds, but the extreme weather has led to a backlog of trains needing to be thawed out.
The crossing was a bit of a concern but that has thawed.
When the dough was frozen or thawed, the highest determination coefficient occurred when the researchers added 10% granulated inulin.
The 2005 National Summary of ART clinics in the United States reported that the percentage of transfers resulting in live births from fresh embryos in women under 35 years of age was about 43%, while only 32% of thawed embryos resulted in live births (Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, 2006) .
The development of some form of automated workcell for rapidly thawing specimens at room temperature and mixing the thawed specimens was a 1st step toward our overall automation objective.
FFP thawed at high temperatures may denature clotting factors but no study has addressed the postulate of clotting factor activation in FFP thawed at high temperatures.
The Full Moon of March is called "the Worm Moon," as it was observed that earthworms woke up from their winter dormancy as the soil thawed and began to tunnel through the soil.
The thawed turkey can remain in the refrigerator up to two days before cooking.
The thawed latex or paint is gently stirred by hand with a tongue depressor before the viscosity is measured (by a Stormer viscometer in the case of paint).
When such rapidly thawed permafrost is part of the vertical bank of a lake, the bank slumps into the water, enlarging the lake.