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Synonyms for thaw

Synonyms for thaw

to change from a solid to a liquid

Synonyms for thaw

the process whereby heat changes something from a solid to a liquid

warm weather following a freeze

a relaxation or slackening of tensions or reserve

become or cause to become soft or liquid

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John Thaw once said of his famous character: "I think Morse's thing about being a poor policeman but a good detective is a very good description of him.
INCREASING DEBT POSITION: Following the series 2017, 2017C and planned 2018 transactions, THAW will increase its total debt by approximately $48 million, more than doubling its current debt load and resulting in a high 17.
Eugene Thaw (1927-2018), who died the week before the Morgan exhibition closed, was not only a committed and astute collector, but also an art dealer known for handling Old Masters and modern and contemporary works of exceptional quality.
Kern said the Algonquin Sub Shop fire started when a torpedo heater was used to thaw frozen pipes in the crawl space, setting the external wood siding on fire.
The process is often carried out in water baths across multiple sites, with inconsistencies due to subjective determination of the thaw endpoint and risk of waterborne contamination.
Numerous studies have indicated that the frost- thaw effect can not only change the structure, intensity, volume, void ratio, permeability, density and modulus of the modified soil, but also speed up the damage.
Characterization of effect of repeated freeze and thaw cycles on stability of genomic DNA using pulsed field gel electrophoresis.
As the permafrost thaws, the microbes kick into action and release more greenhouse gas, fueling global warming," Rich explains.
During the 1970s, Thaw was in The Sweeney with Dennis Waterman his co-star.
It uses patented infrared technology and can thaw frozen ground more than three times faster than similar competitive units.
Key words: Nili-Ravi buffalo bull; antioxidants; L-cysteine; cryopreservation; post thaw semen quality.
London, Dec 20 (ANI): Trains in Britain are being fitted with giant heated "condoms" in a bid to thaw them out and keep them moving.
com Peterborough Chase to today looks like paying off after the track continued to thaw yesterday, while the forecasts for temperatures not to fall below freezing appear to have been correct, meaning both Plumpton tomorrow and Folkestone on Tuesday could be fine to race.
According to Scott Highleyman, international Arctic director for the Pew Environmental Group, methane, which is trapped in frozen ground, is far more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas, so permafrost thaw has a dramatic impact on the rest of the world.
Musselburgh are also due to race on Friday, but officials were disappointed by the sluggish thaw yesterday.