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having, brought about by, or relating to supernatural powers or magic

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A feature of the contemporary methods is, however, the elimination of magic and thaumaturgical elements, and performing of mainly rational instrumental acts [45].
Ancoric loss Aporetic dissonance Aporetic inquiry Buddhemes Buddhism Buddhist Cancellation of warrant Curvature Decision Destruction Devitalization of charism Dharma, The Disinterest Disruption Empty reality Fitting proximity Ideology suspicion Incidental exile Inhibiting the network of postulation Postulate deflation Principle of sufficient Buddhism Protagonist, The Re-commission of postulates Rhetorics of self-display Saliency of requisite disenchantment Thaumaturgical refuge Ventriloquism Vibrato Voltaic network of postulation
It accomplishes this critique by representing Nimbus Thaumaturgical and the Nixies as equally corrupt within the novel, implying that there is no difference between legal and illegal drug use and distribution.
The majority live in Eden, a glittering, floating haven above the city, where corporations like Nimbus Thaumaturgical distribute the fairy dust on which the people rely.
Baer, "Black Spiritual Churches: Thaumaturgical Responses to Racism and Social Stratification," in African American Religious Studies: An Interdisciplinary Anthology, ed.
In arguing a connection between sixteenth-century presentations of Elizabeth and medieval presentations of the Virgin Mary, Hackett in particular points to an emphasis laid on the queen's thaumaturgical potential.
The former was a thaumaturgical text to which many of the miracles in the Talmud were tied.
5) The fire God is the one entity who knows the secret to the mystery of the son's life and only the fire God could reveal the true nature of the magician's thaumaturgical creation, and presumably of the magician's own creation.
Such was the first miracle of the thaumaturgical image.
Overall in this chapter, Kieschnick again approaches a tricky subject carefully, and ends up explaining the presence of so many thaumaturgical and miraculous elements in the narratives by reference to "a fascination with the marvelous," a "thirst for the exotic," and a "sense of wonder" (p.
Similarly, the king's thaumaturgical attributes are considerably diminished.