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Although considered to be a thaumaturge, or miracle worker, observations from that time state that "Nothing was strange about his appearance, about his speech.
One is dead, but with the skill of a thaumaturge, Rafaela sews up the worst wounds of the other and orders it to live (133).
Williams points out that however virtuous and pathetic Pierrette may be, unlike Pierre de Verone and all canonized saints, she produces no miracles and can therefore not be a true saint: "[U]n saint qui n'est pas thaumaturge est inconcevable" (Williams 95).
13) portrays the saint as a thaumaturge with the extraordinary ability of appearing to his proteges in spiritual 'semblance', before as well as after his death (Sections 4, 6, 10, 21, 24, and others).
This ass is such a thaumaturge that the experts got to work, applied the old DNA technique and discovered that "the animal is a direct descendent of the one Jesus rode.
We even have, in the person of Peter Mandelson, at least as presented through the media, the emergence of a political thaumaturge, one who, like the Zande witch-finder or the Siberian shaman, is held to have secret powers over public utterance and the detection of transgression.
Most Merovingian hagiographers, however, continued to regard Martin of Tours as the exemplary holy man and thaumaturge, whose spiritual energy, or virtus, was manifested in miracles worked during his lifetime as well as in post mortem miracles performed at his tomb.
lt;< Le thaumaturge du Mont-Royal : Alfred Bessette, le frere Andre (1845-1937).
In the section given to the religious element, Dassbach concentrates upon the nature of the saint as presented by the dramatists in question, and divides the multiple possibilities of sanctity into four groups, which she sees as representative of the types of saint as presented in drama: the mendicant, the convert, the martyr, and the thaumaturge.
Ainsi, le premier chapitre s'ouvre sur la une du journal La Patrie annoncant le million de personnes attendues aupres de la depouille du thaumaturge le jour de son deces, le 7 janvier 1937.
In other words, the decision to emphasize Anthony's powers as a thaumaturge - highly relevant in the context of a shrine visited by pilgrims in urgent need of practical succour - left no room for the usually very popular Preaching to the Fishes, or the Sermon in the Nut-tree, or even the Miracle of the Ass.
With chapters five and six, "The Thaumaturge and Its Avatars," parts I and II, we begin to encounter fascinating historical material.
I had first come across this alternative as a student when I read Marc Bloch's great book Les rois thaumaturges (1924, translated into English as The Royal Touch).
Su interes por los Rois thaumaturges y por la Apologie pour l'histoire fue mas tardio (2).
Le centaure Chiron, invoque par le duo pour ses pouvoirs thaumaturges, est l'archetype de l'intentionnalite de l'oeuvre: celle d'etre une substance de guerison, un sang porteur d'une alterite possiblement resurrectionnelle: la lyophilisation preservant l'ADN du cheval, comme il aurait pu l'etre de toute espece animale, telle une ultime garantie de renaissance possible.