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Words related to thatch

hair resembling thatched roofing material

plant stalks used as roofing material

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an English pirate who operated in the Caribbean and off the Atlantic coast of North America (died in 1718)

a house roof made with a plant material (as straw)

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cover with thatch

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Henry Daly's horses are in top form and Back To The Thatch added to the trainer's seasonal tally when scoring by 11 lengths at Chepstow last month.
Around five feet of thatch has gone and there is damage to the Birch rafters, peat moss and heather turf, plus water damage inside.
Julian THATCH is a build up of dead material that can get Acompacted around grass blades in your lawn.
QwHaT - Julian THATCH is a build up of dead material that can get Acompacted around grass blades in your lawn.
THE Thatch is such a fairytale property that it is widely thought it formed the basis of the design of a little thatched garden cottage called Y Bwthyn Bach that was built for the young princesses Elizabeth and Margaret.
Made in Canada and installed on roofs in over 50 countries on five continents, Palmex has been producing a very realistic-looking, low maintenance and long-term thatch for tropical thatch roofing since 1998.
Nicki advised: "As 90 per cent of thatch fires relate to chimneys and the use of wood-burning stoves, making sure your chimney is swept and inspected on a regular basis and that it is appropriately lined can all help to reduce the fire risk.
The 18th Century barn is the only structure in England to have retained original heather thatch - once common in the uplands of Northern England.
The Cape Reed Group of Companies, a world leader in the construction and installation of sustainable timber and thatch structures, has completed a Dh15 million ($4.
The Cape Reed Group of Companies, a sustainable timber and thatch structure specialist, has announced the completion of a $1.
I saw flames shooting out of the top of the thatch and there was smoke everywhere.
The woven thatch sections are simply stapled to the sheathing.
Thatch is defined as the layer of partially decomposed or undecomposed organic matter formed above the soil surface.
Needless to say, Thatch is a tipper, good enough to catch the eye of small-town photojournalists.
Thatch accumulation occurs when the production rate of organic matter exceeds the decomposition rate (Beard, 1973).