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Synonyms for thanks

Synonyms for thanks

a short prayer said at meals

Words related to thanks

an acknowledgment of appreciation

with the help of or owing to

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Just some of the topics covered on the Thanks To U website include "Thanks so much to the taxi driver who returned my wallet ," "Thank you to the stranger who found my injured cat and took her to the vets ," "A million thanks to the off-duty nurse who saved my son's life ," and simply, "Thank you to my wonderful dad for washing my car every week
Grateful thanks to all the staff at Aden Mount Care Home for their kindness and attention given to Colin over the past 4 years.
Special thanks to Warwickshire Ambulance Service, Princethorpe College, Woodlands Academy and City College Coventry.
Thanks to the staff of Meadow Park Care Home for the wonderful care they gave Rose in her last months and to the very caring staff of Ward 9, Wansbeck Hospital.
Special thanks to 'our rock' Pat Hart, everyone from JLR, especially the lads from Browns Lane Service Dept, Father Tom Farrell for a beautiful service and A.
Thanks to my wife and my kids and my parents and my brothers and sisters.
And of course, at the end, we give thanks to soougwioodeessuteh, higher consciousness, the essence of Creator.
My thanks to the museum staff for providing the photos and text for this presentation beginning on page 10.
Special thanks to Bob Wederbrand for planning the TEI-IRS forum and to Philadelphia Chapter President Sam Spragins and Harrisburg Chapter President Dave Meyer for their leadership and support.
with thanks to Procter & Gamble for this event.
Thanks to Flores, a 76-year-old artist who travels through the Valley, covering graffiti-riddled walls with images of patriotism, religion, and tradition, including church missions, the raising of the American flag at Iwo Jima, Mount Rushmore, and other historical milestones.
Thanks to Steve Ferguson for his unyielding perseverance.
She's convinced that by just showing thanks to people, the world can be a happier place.
With non-cash bonuses becoming more popular - and thanks to the power and convenience of the World Wide Web - a UK company has come up with the ultimate thank you.
Grateful thanks to the carers who looked after her at Allan House, Park View Grange, Bradbury Day Centre and the nurses at the R.