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Synonyms for thanks

Synonyms for thanks

a short prayer said at meals

Words related to thanks

an acknowledgment of appreciation

with the help of or owing to

References in classic literature ?
But," he added, "you will of course wish to have your humble respects delivered to them, with your grateful thanks for their kindness to you while you have been here.
I thank you heartily again and am proud to think of the Rouncewells as they'll be founded by you.
No, dear, thank God, it is n't, but it might have been, if we had n't saved the poor little soul," cried Miss Mills, with a sudden brightening of the face, which made it beautiful in spite of the stiff gray curl that bobbed on each temple, the want of teeth, and a crooked nose.
She had by now got her household matters so satisfactorily arranged, thanks to Marya Philimonovna, that she was disinclined to make any change in them; besides, she had no faith in Levin's knowledge of farming.
And what I was going to tell you, sir,' said Little Dorrit, trembling in all her little figure and in her voice, 'is, that I am not to know whose generosity released him--am never to ask, and am never to be told, and am never to thank that gentleman with all MY grateful heart
He thanks Veneering for the feeling manner in which he referred to their common friend Fledgeby, for he holds that gentleman in the highest estimation.
I must speak to him if possible, just to thank him.
He ought to thank all three of you for having interested yourselves in his favour.
But thank God there is a new life to begin for both of us.
I can't marry you, and you will thank me for saying so some day.
First let me thank you for all that you have done for me.
It's good, quite good, thank you," said the Frenchman, in French, "but there must be some linen left over.
You've been good to me," she said, "and I thank you ever so much.
Oh, thank you -- thank you," cried Anne, clasping the packet rapturously.
Now, see here, Rosy, I don't pretend to set myself up for a model in anything, and you may come down on my grammar, manners or morals as often as you think I'm wrong, and I'll thank you.