thank offering

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an offering made as an expression of thanks

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JoAnne Chapman, United Thank Offering (UTO) co-ordinator at the Episcopal Church Center in New York confirmed the information, adding that the Church of Kenya has also rejected a $40,000 US grant for a province-wide sustainability project.
Then, thank offerings are brought in from all those with a willing heart (II Chr.
It is, at any rate, clear from turns of phrase that occur in Aiskhylos's early plays (he fought at Marathon in 490 and probably also in the battles of 48079), from references in the contemporary Theban eulogist of the victorious athlete Pindar, and from some self-glorifying epigrams to accompany post-war thank offerings, that the Greeks knew how close they had come to "losing their day of freedom" and "putting on the yoke of slavery" that the Persians had intended to impose.
Concluding with what may have been David's way of being accountable to God, he revealed what he planned to do: "I will present thank offerings to you" (verse 12).