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the branch of science that studies death (especially its social and psychological aspects)

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Recent observations in thanatology favour a belief in post-mortem self-assessment and appraisal.
(3) Department of Anatomic, Cytopathology and Thanatology, Escola Superior de Saude, Instituto Politecnico do Porto, Porto, Portugal
The depiction of the moments of sorrow and its psychological effects which is the subject of thanatology, the study of death is found in the collection of passages, phrases and proverbs of both ancient and modern literature.
(6.) To share experiences with other collectives that work in penitentiary spaces, we carried out, on June 17,2012, the "Sharing Experiences of Work with Women in Confinement Workshop," in which participants included members of Colectiva la Lleca, from the project "Women in a Spiral: Justice and Culture in Spaces of Confinement," based in the PUEG-UNAM; the program "Vippassanna Meditation in Spaces of Confinement" ; the team "Thanatology in Penitentiary Spaces" ; and independent intellectuals who work in penitentiary spaces.
In order to understand the suicidal process, a few considerations on thanatology (a relatively new discipline which studies death-related behaviors, beliefs and feelings) are needed.
Amari, founder of GriefTeach, earned a master's degree in pastoral ministry from Boston College, but it was the deep loss she experienced after her mother died in her 60s from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma that led her to learn more about death, she said, and to pursue a career in thanatology, the study of death, dying and bereavement.
Two recent studies examine the problematic dimensions of sound recording technology, human subjectivity, and 'death,' providing useful theoretical underpinnings for a study of "Free as a Bird." Through a "speculative historical thanatology of recorded sound," Jonathan Sterne (2005) posits that recording technologies and other media are not simply at the backdrop of human experience; they are effective "modes of organizing and explaining subjectivity" (pp.
The history of emotions related to death and dying has not yet been comprehensively addressed, though this area of study has much to offer long histories of cultural practice and artistic creation and can also inform present day studies of death and dying (thanatology).
Growing out of a weekend meeting of mostly psychiatrists at Ditchley Park, this work looks through the lenses of cognitive and dynamic psychology, attachment theory, group psychology and thanatology to address this question.
McMahon (Eds.), Parapsychology and thanatology: Proceedings of an international conference (pp.
The field of thanatology, the scientific study of death and practices associated with it (4) has undergone gradual changes in recent times.
Title: Professor, Chair, and Director, Graduate-Studies in Thanatology. Degrees: PhD (Counseling Psychology) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; MC (Counselor Education) Arizona State University; MA (Theology) Marquette University; BA (Philosophy) Immaculate Conception College.
An evaluation of the services provided in the ICUs of the respondents revealed that 16% of the institutions had an established infection control program, 14% had physical therapy, 14% offered social work services, 13% provided consultations with regard to skin care, 13% had discharge home planning, 11% offered pastoral care, 6% offered speech and swallow therapy, 6% offered occupational therapy, 5% had employees who worked with palliative care, and 2% had employees certified in thanatology.
At the conference, grief expert Amy Florian said, "thanatology is the study of death and grief.