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a plant body without true stems or roots or leaves or vascular system

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From a series of metabolites isolated from various lichen thalli, the following compounds showed a significant increase in neurite outgrowth in Neuro2A cells, compared to that in the vehicle (1% DMSO)-treated group (75.
This pattern suggests that, after two children, the desire to have a small family is that they had at least a son; 17% of study subjects limited the family after two girls to benefit from Bangaru Thalli Scheme.
A few studies have compared the data concerning element accumulation in lichen thalli with the IAP (reviewed in GARTY, 2001; MCCARTHY & al.
The thalli of Lobaria pulmonaria were found on nine species of deciduous and coniferous tree species, excluding the larch and pine.
2] conditions may be decreased CCA calcification and thalli lateral growth, and increased skeletal dissolution (Gao et al.
Even perennial thalli of the common Phycodrys rubens and Odonthalia dentata are almost a chocolate reddish color except for the annual terminal growth segments.
The studies in which the primary production of aquatic macrophytes has been directly quantified have usually involved detached pieces of algal thalli or individuals.
2005: Vijayashanti started her own party - Thalli Telangana.
Factors influencing body weights at different ages in Thalli sheep.
Its most distinctive character is the diminutive size of the thalli, which, in all the specimens examined, do not exceed 0.
After the Sargassaceae beds had disappeared by 2009, there have been no Laminariales or Sargassaceae beds except for spring algal beds (unusual perennial Sargassaceae beds that form dense stands from March to July and lose most thalli after maturing in August) in some fishing ports.
When necessary, cross-sections of algal thalli were made with a razor blade and photographed using an Olympus BX51 microscope equipped with phase-contrast objectives and an Olympus C7070 Wide Zoom 7.
2006) where the weight of the stipes was equivalent to that of the sample lamina cultivated at 2 m depth during seven months which included swells and waves that caused important losses to thalli 30-50 cm in length.