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We have remarked more than once upon the importance of assessing the political dynamics and effects of media forms, as well as the need to understand theories of textual matter as themselves expressive of tacit or explicit political positions.
16) Indeed, as a textual matter, construing "cruel and unusual punishments" as strictly as Scalia does is a little like construing the right to keep and bear arms as limited to such eighteenth-century firearms as muskets.
Sometimes it looks as though the argument on a textual matter may be guided by the result preferred.
The book is prefaced by photographs from the manuscript of all the textual matter edited, although these are spoilt by being trimmed to the text-area only.
Many of the footnotes deal with textual matters such as alternative readings from different versions; other notes compare this translation with other ancient and new translations.
Scattergood acknowledges this briefly in his introductory chapter and returns to it intermittently in discussion of individual works; his focus in the book is not primarily on textual matters, however, but rather on the elucidation of the traditions and contexts informing Skelton's practice.
That would not matter so much if this were a book about a subject in librarianship that primarily has to do with textual matters.
Each book sidesteps important textual matters, which probably await clarification from others, but meantime each will be useful in pointing the way toward further attention to Wilde's short fiction.
They cover mind and textual matters, scribal intentions in medieval romance with a case study of Robert Thornton; compositor B's speech-prefixes in the first folio of Shakespeare and the question of copy for 2 Henry IV; memorial transmission, shorthand, a and John of Bordeaux; the Bagford Chapel Rules: a set of English printing house regulations from about 1686-1707; bookstores and book distribution in the US to 1950; the formation of the Fiske Dante Collection at Cornell University; and book-jackets of the 1890s.
Clearly the authors have remained engaged with the considerable problems of preparing a succinct and authoritative introduction to bibliographical and textual matters, and have been alert to the varying needs of revision among the topics they examine.
Most likely they simply had "differing ends" the editors being concerned with textual matters and Garrick with producing a playable script.
In Chapter three, entitled "Recollecting women from early modern Ireland, Scotland and Wales," Chedgzoy turns her focus back to textual matters, mining the archives of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales in separate sections both to indicate distinctions as well as to identify common themes.
Although two thirds of this book concentrates on the frequently neglected treatment of the concept in the second division of the logic, Winfield nonetheless provides a thorough, if schematic, treatment of the key theoretical and textual matters which an understanding of the subjective logic presuppose.
The book includes numerous tables, diagrams, maps, illustrations, and appendixes to each chapter that untangle complex textual matters and present extracts from primary texts.
The first is an overview of the nature and content of the bhagat corpus in the AG, dealing not only with basic textual matters concerning manuscripts, authors, and the like, but with more general issues concerning the characterization and analysis of the corpus.