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grasshoppers with long threadlike antennae and well-developed stridulating organs on the forewings of the male

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He concluded that "approximately one-fourth of the species of gryllids and tettigoniids of the eastern United States had never been recognized or had been wrongly synonymized." (l.c., p.
It has been noted recently in the fly Dryomyza anilis (Otronen and Siva-Jothy 1991), the tettigoniid M.
Function of male genital titillators in mating and spermatophore transfer in the tettigoniid bushcricket Metrioptera roeselii.
Diagnosis.--Tiny brachypterous tettigoniids with, in lateral view, narrow head, spiny fore and middle tibiae, open tympana, and small auditory spiracle.
However, in most Phaneropterinae the thoracic auditory spiracles and bullae (entrance of the auditory trachea) are extraordinarily large, larger than in any other tettigoniid group (Bailey 1990).
According to Hudson's description of the orthopteran mimic of the wasps found in La Plata, he is almost undoubtly referring to Scaphura nigra (Thunberg, 1824), an extraordinary phaneropterine tettigoniid (Fig.
The value of the stridulatory file and other characters in tettigoniid taxonomy (Orthoptera).
She studied three species of the tettigoniid genus Jamaicana (Pseudophyllinae) which differed for fixed fusions, but in one of them, J.
McClung (1899) described the meiotic behavior of what was for the first time called, 'accessory chromosome', in male Xiphidium fasciatum (Conocephalus fasciatus), a tettigoniid. He later confirmed his observations in Hippiscus sp., an acridid grasshopper (McClung 1901).
Nuptial feeding in tettigoniids male costs and the rales of fecundity increase.
The family Tettigoniidae is associated with grassland damage in several countries, but there are few reports of tettigoniids causing damage to other crops.
Resources influenced sex roles of zaprochiline tettigoniids (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae).
1994), as well as intraspecific variation in acoustic signals of some insects (e.g., planthoppers: Claridge and Morgan 1993; tettigoniids: Ritchie 1991, 1992).
Nocturnal depredation of flowers by tettigoniids (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) and other generalist florivores is common (Armbruster and Mziray 1987).