tetrasodium pyrophosphate

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a sodium salt of pyrophosphoric acid used as a builder in soaps and detergents

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Gelation was observed in all of the beverages except those with tetrasodium pyrophosphate after one week.
Varied procedures in methylene blue and tetrasodium pyrophosphate preparation procedures.
10,052,270 B2; Colgate-Palmolive Company, New York, NY, has patented an oral care composition that contains a peroxide whitening agent comprising a whitening complex of cross-linked polyvinylpyrrolidone complexed with hydrogen peroxide; sodium acid pyrophosphate; water; at least one humectant comprised of propylene glycol and glycerin; and tetrasodium pyrophosphate as a tartar control agent.
www.interpolymer.com INGREDIENTS WT% Phase A Srtran PC 5620 (Interpolymer) (Styrene/acrylates ammonium 79.000 methacrylate copolymer) Ammonium hydroxide (28%) 0.300 Phase B Benzoflex 9-88 (Genovique) (Dipropylene glycol dibenzoate) 2.700 Dowanol PnB (Dow) (Propylene glycol n-butyl ether) 4.950 Syntran KL-219CG (Interpolymer) (Ammonium acrylates 1.350 copolymer) Phase C Red Dispersion (Red 7 Lake) 3.700 Prestige Soft Silver (Eckart) (Mica & Ti02) 0.500 Phase D 5% aqueous solution of Simulgel EG (Seppic) 4.000 Phase E 12.5% aqueous solution of Laponite XLS 3.500 (Rockwood/Southern Clay) (Sodium magnesium silicate and tetrasodium pyrophosphate)
8,080,503 B2, Procter & Gamble Company has patented a milled cleansing bar that is comprised of water; soap and inorganic salt comprising a mixture of magnesium sulfate and sodium tnpolyphosphato era mixture of tetrasodium pyrophosphate and sodium tripolyphosohate; and a component selected from the group consisting of: carbohydrate structural; humectant; free fatty acid; synthetic surfactant; and mixtures thereof.