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any of a variety of carbohydrates that yield four monosaccharide molecules on complete hydrolysis

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The wild-type chitinase gave the corresponding tetrasaccharide (Gal-GlcNAc-GlcNAc-GlcNAc) in 70% yield after 2 min from the initiation of the reaction.
Interestingly, the ego pathway for Module 3 was A tetrasaccharide linker sequence required for GAG synthesis.
B3GAT3 transcribes the 335-amino-acid glucuronyltransferase I (GlcAT-I) protein which catalyses the final step in proteoglycan biosynthesis through the addition of a xylosegalactose-galactose-glucuronic acid tetrasaccharide linkage molecule [16].
The tetrasaccharide, [beta]-cyclodextrin, and glucose are represented in yellow and green colored sticks, respectively.
(2011) Hyaluronan tetrasaccharide promotes regeneration of peripheral nerve: In vivo analysis by film model method.
AY-carotene chlorophyll lycopene a-tomatine dehydrotomatine tetrasaccharide glycoalkaloids and the anti-cholinergic alkaloids atropine are the volatile compounds found in tomato using GC-MS [8].
Most of the mammalian 0-mannosyl glycans are variations of the common tetrasaccharide core NeuAc[alpha]2-3Gal[beta]1-4GlcNAc[beta]1-2Man[alpha]1-Ser/Thr, although branched structures with 2,6-di-substituted mannose (GlcNAc-linked [beta]1,2 and [beta]1,6) have been described in brain glycoproteins [72].
In the Golgi, the monosaccharides (xylosyl-, galactosyl-galactosyl-uronic acid) and the linker tetrasaccharide are attached to the core protein at selected serine residues, and additional disaccharides are attached to the proteoglycan.
They are connected to the core syndecan protein at a serineglycine sequence lying within consensus regions rich in acidic residues through a tetrasaccharide linker of xylose-galactosegalactose-uronic acid [12,22].
In brief, saliva samples diluted 1:1,000 or B type 2 bovine serum albumin-conjugated tetrasaccharide (positive control) were coated on ELISA plates.
The developed tool relates the function with terminal sugars up to tetrasaccharide at terminal and vicinal sugar residues, linkages and anomery.
7,790,466 is related to methods of processing enoxaparin to determine the presence of certain tetrasaccharide structures and the US Patent No.