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a vertebrate animal having four feet or legs or leglike appendages

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(2011) argued that the procolophoniddominated Late Triassic tetrapod assemblages from the Newark Supergroup existed under semi-arid climatic conditions, whereas more or less coeval communities dominated by traversodontid cynodonts from Virginia and North Carolina appear to have been restricted to a narrow equatorial zone with more humid conditions.
Cliff and foreshore outcrops between Wasson Bluff and Swan Creek contain by far the greatest wealth of early Mesozoic tetrapod remains in the Fundy basin.
Using these data we can now evaluate the locomotor capabilities of numerous important fossil taxa that spanned the water-to-land transition in tetrapod evolution," Kawano said.
The discovery of two Devonian tetrapods in South Africa suggests that the evolution of these creatures from water to land could have occurred anywhere else, and not only in the tropics as was previously thought, a study has established.
2) demonstrates the distribution of stromatolites within the coastal area of Voronezh Island, which largely coincides with the main area of tetrapod finds.
[10.] Ronning C, Shang NG, Gerhards I, Hofsass H, Seibt M (2005) Nucleation mechanism of the seed of tetrapod ZnO nanostructures.
The tetrapod trackways described by Sarjeant and Stringer (1978) at Lepreau Falls (45[degrees]10'11.58"N; 66[degrees]27'43.15"W; Fig.
In this experiment we chose to use three main hexapod robot gaits: tripod, tetrapod and wave gait.
The company added that it was able to produce high performance tetrapod quantum dots and other materials with exacting quality control resulting in uniform structure and tuned narrow emission FWHM with its new automating production system.
On the other hand, the tetrapod and rod-like morphologies are observed with an average length of the arms about 14.0 nm when using HPA and TOPO as cosolvents.
So it's somewhat disappointing when, instead of wrestling the aquatic tetrapod or walking the plank, when vanquished by Pan he simply stumbles off stage, straight into its jaws.
Sacking which took place at the same time as America's working class was thrown to the croc-infested waters to be devoured by the aquatic tetrapod of unplanned globalization.
The tetrapod, which weighs 65 kilograms (143 pounds) and is about one metre (3 foot, four inches) tall, is designed to be able to cover difficult terrain -- such as going up steep steps -- that regular robots struggle with.
said Wednesday it has developed a tetrapod robot to inspect locations too risky for humans such as the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant crippled by the March 2011 earthquake-tsunami disaster.
Joining the network are bloggers Scott Huler (Plugged In), Darren Naish (Tetrapod Zoology), and Jennifer Ouellette (Cocktail Party Physics).