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the condition of being polyploid

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A few studies have described a limited extent of p57 expression (scattered nuclear positivity in villous cytotrophoblast and villous stromal cells) in a minority of cases of both diploid and tetraploid CHMs; this limited extent of expression (present in <10% of these cell types) is still considered compatible with a diagnosis of CHM.
In vitro tetraploid induction and generation of tetraploids from mixoploids in Dioscorea zingiberensis.
Thus, the present study was carried out in order to investigate the grazing behavior by cattle at early age using newly bred tetraploid ruzigrass strain, and to assess the feasibility of the behavior as one of criteria for preference evaluation in Japanese black cattle under indoor housing environment.
In this study the effects of the tetraploid condition on the macro-, micro-, and ultrastructure of the gonad and on the sizes of reproductive cells of the functional hermaphroditic Catarina scallop Argopecten ventricosus when contrasted with diploids are reported.
Chromosome plates within each individual specimen were classified as diploid (2n = 8) (Figure 2), triploid (3n = 12) (Figure 3) tetraploid (4n = 16) (Figure 4), or stable mosaic at 2n, 3n, 5n, 6n, up to and including 8n and any variation therein (Table 1).
We studied six populations (two diploid, two tetraploid, and two of mixed ploidy; i.e., containing both diploids and tetraploids) of Galax located in an area where both cytotypes are common.
GISH investigation was carried out by using their presumed diploid (AA, BB, PP) or tetraploid (AABB) parental genomic DNA, to determine ploidy recombination in Solanum demissum and Solanum hougasii.
Tetraploid (Durum-97) and hexaploid (Shafaq-06) wheat genotypes were provided by Nuclear Institute of Agriculture and Biology (NIAB) Faisalabad, Pakistan.
In contrast to diploid potatoes, tetraploid potatoes (both wild and
Roughly 80 percent of SNEL colonies made from mouse cells were of high quality and passed the most stringent pluripotency test available, the tetraploid complementation assay.
The aims of this study were to evaluate the viability of pollen grains in artificially induced tetraploid accessions of B.
Now all the wheat varieties grown commercially are tetraploid (6n) i.e.
Scientists, in the study, found that resveratrol and the painkiller was capable of killing tetraploid cells or the abnormal cells that contain more than the two sets of chromosomes.
Our research program includes studies in: Adventitious organogenesis and regeneration of cellular cultures, already finish, and ploidy manipulation and generating of new cultivars (recovery of triploid and tetraploid cherimoya and custard apple plants), genetic transformation and micropropagation of wild Annona species or related Annonaceae species such as Rollinia sp., all of these works still in progress at this date.