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paralysis of both arms and both legs

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Anor, "Acute lower motor neuron tetraparesis," Veterinary Clinics of North America--Small Animal Practice, vol.
Unconscious or bedridden patients (hemiplegia, hemiparesia, and tetraparesis) and patients with incomplete data were excluded from the study.
The child, intubated 5 minutes after birth, was found to have spastic tetraparesis cerebral palsy (CP) with impaired cognition, seizures, and global aphasia.
Rabid animals commonly show neurological changes such as paraparesis, aggressiveness, hydrophobia and sialorrhea, agitation, mental confusion, and tetraparesis (12).
IV (Severe) Severe weakness (<MRC 3) or ataxia; tetraparesis. Uncontrolled seizures V (Profound) Persistent vegetative state VI Death
Judy and Anne had spastic tetraparesis, were nonambulatory, and had serious restrictions in the use of their hands to reach and manipulate objects.
EDSS = 2,5 Patient 19 Spasmodic laughter and weeping + dysarthria + tetraparesis + cerebellar syndrome.
Clinical manifestations of SCD are symmetric dysesthesia, disturbance of position sense and spastic paraparesis or tetraparesis. Vitamin B12 deficiency causes a wide range of hematological, gastrointestinal, psychiatric and neurological disorders.
Disabled people were defined as those with tetraparesis, paraparesis, or hemiparesis, or who had an arm or a leg amputated (13).
(10) In one report involving a wild bird, a female subadult golden eagle was found lying on the ground with tetraplegia that progressed to a nonambulatory, spastic tetraparesis within a few days.
Evaluation by MRI of paraparesis and tetraparesis of undiagnosed aetiology.
Our student has a cerebral palsy with tetraparesis leading to reduced mobility and speech diversity (dysarthria).
On the 17th hospital day, he was transferred to the internal medicine department for continuing care, still suffering from tetraparesis, in sequence of prolonged mechanical ventilation.
female--32 years old, with severe mental retardation, Down syndrome, spastic tetraparesis.