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having or consisting of four similar parts

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Opposite effects of two resveratrol (trans.3,5,4'.trihydroxystilbene) tetramers, vitisin A and hopeaphenol, on apoptosis of myocytes isolated from adult rat heart.
(Hb H is a tetramer of beta globin chains.) Hb H disease is typically a moderate hemolytic anemia associated with splenomegaly and bone changes.
Caption: Figure 7: Selected frontier orbitals of the LaPPS71 tetramer with hydrogen atoms omitted.
Although their overall structures are similar, the important residues for tetramer (dimer B-C' with dimer A-D') formation are quite different.
CD8 T cells were stimulated by APCs, UVADEX-treated APC, or APC in the presence of CpG or control oligo GpC for 9 days, and the number of antigen-specific T cells was determined with tetramer staining (Figure 6).
The team used X-ray crystallography to find that six molecules of K-80003 bound to the tetramer interfaces.
(8), and to amplify the tetramer amino acid repeats within the hypervariable central variable region of the B602L gene, we used primers described by Gallardo et al.
Structural and functional effects of hereditary hemolytic anemia associated point mutations in the alpha spectrin tetramer site.
Specifically, researchers discovered the tetramer structure, which is a four-membered ring made up of bigger molecules.
The hemoglobin (Hb) molecule is a protein tetramer composed of two alpha and two beta chains each of which coordinates an iron-containing heme prosthetic group [1].
Example Queries for DENV Monoclonal Antibodies, Influenza Tetramer Assays, and RSV Protective Antibodies
(2) On one of the c in the dimer -cc-, the heterodimer ab (pro-MMP2, TIMP2) is coupled to produce the tetramer abcc; alternatively, a- may be coupled with the heterotrimer -bcc to produce the tetramer.
The contract covers an on-site terminal and manufacturing assets for nonene, tetramer, and other propylene derivatives.
However in each sub class tetramer do not form and they bind to the red blood cell membranes, causing damage to membrane.