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a liquid aldehyde with a penetrating odor

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Among the other processes used for synthesizing tetrahydrofuran, reppe is most widely used due to high efficiency and greater cost-effectiveness of this process.
(b) Determined by GPC, solvent: tetrahydrofuran; temperature: 40[degrees]C, calibration with polystyrene standards.
Richon, "Volumetric properties of the (tetrahydrofuran + water) and (tetra-n-butyl ammonium bromide + water) systems: experimental measurements and correlations," Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics, vol.
All chemical reagents used in this work were analytical purity grade: a 3.49 mol [L.sup.-1] HCl[O.sub.4] (Merck) solution was standardized with 1.00 mol [L.sup.-1] NaOH (Merck) solution by potentiometric titration; a 3.74 mol [L.sup.-1] Na[N.sub.3] (Merck) solution was adjusted with a 1.00 mol [L.sup.-1] AgN[O.sub.3] (Synth) solution also by potentiometric titration; a 0.48 mol [L.sup.-1] Fe[(Cl[O.sub.4]).sub.3] (Aldrich) solution was appropriately reduced and normalized by UV-Vis spectrophotometry, using 1,10-phenantroline (Acros) as the complexing agent; a 7.58 mol [L.sup.-1] NaCl[O.sub.4] (Merck) solution, standardized by direct gravimetry and tetrahydrofuran (Merck) without any previous treatment.
With potential VOCs such as Toulene, Heptane, Dioxane, Tetrahydrofuran, Dimethyl, Formamide, Dichloromethane, we were quick to recommend the Ion Science TVOC fixed PID as a robust, reliable and accurate leak detection solution for this application." t| 01763 208503 e| marketing@ionscience.com w| www.ionscience.com
BioAmber's proposed second facility will be over six times the size of its existing Sarnia plant, with annual capacity of 70,000 tons of bio-based 1,4-butanediol (BDO), 24,000 tons of bio-based tetrahydrofuran (THF) and 60,000 tons of bio-based succinic acid.
Figures 2 and 3 demonstrate the selectivity of the mass spectrometer where dryer 1 contains ethanol, methanol, tetrahydrofuran, cyclohexane, and ethyl acetate, while dryer 2 contains only ethanol.
*** GPC (gel permeation chromatography): A kind of chromatography, which separates and analyzes samples using organic solvent (tetrahydrofuran, chloroform, etc.) as eluent.
Established in 1999, Sipchem manufactures and markets methanol, butanediol, tetrahydrofuran, acetic acid, acetic anhydride and vinyl acetate monomer as well as carbon monoxide through its various affiliates.
Bis(3-phenyl-3,4-dihydro-2H-1,3-benzoxazinyl)isopropane (BA-a) or Bisphenol-a as a standard benzoxazine monomer, paraformaldehyde (99%), Tetrahydrofuran (THF), aniline (99%) and 3aminopropyltrimethoxysilane (98%) were supplied from Sigma Aldrich Co.
This is mainly due to higher application of BDO as an intermediate chemical in production of THF (tetrahydrofuran), PBT (polybutylene terephtalate), and polyurethanes.