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any polyhedron having four plane faces

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Wang, A Schiff base fluorescence probe for highly selective turn-on recognition of Zn2+, Tetrahedron Lett., 58, 365 (2017).
Lio discussed the fourth point of the tetrahedron: anti-itching agents.
The next level up in the tetrahedron represents the regulation provided by the nurse practice acts, rules, and regulations in the pertinent licensing jurisdictions.
Apart from that, the force existed between [Na.sup.+] and oxygen of the six oxygen rings of the silicon-oxygen tetrahedron. The shortest distance between [Na.sup.+] and oxygen in silicon-oxygen tetrahedron is 2.423 [Angstrom], 2.356 [Angstrom], and 2.264 [Angstrom], respectively.
[mathematical expression not reproducible] is the (m, n)-th entry in [Z] of (6) corresponding to the nth basis function and mth test function, and [T.sup.[+ or -].sub.m] and [T.sup.[+ or -].sub.n] are the tetrahedron integral domains.
The Raman band around 780-830 [cm.sup.-1] is corresponding to the vibrational modes of a regular Nb[O.sub.4] tetrahedron, and the band near 500-700 [cm.sup.-1] is assigned as the symmetric stretching mode of the Nb[O.sub.6] octahedra [1, 18, 19].
Jana, "Ionic liquid as catalyst and solvent: the remarkable effect of a basic ionic liquid, [bmim]OH on Michael addition and alkylation of active methylene compounds," Tetrahedron, vol.
In this research, deformable object simulation is performed by combining tetrahedron mesh model and Mass-Spring System.
Such interconnected set of NNs forms a tetrahedron in three dimensions.
Looking first at custom and law then at nature, he considers such topics as first in history: Anaximander--spaces without exclusion: juridical origins, the point at noon, first in history: Thales--from the pyramid to the tetrahedron: the optical origin, first in philosophy: the ignorant slave boy--from Pythagoras to Zeno: the algorithmic origin, and the measure of the Earth: Herodotus.
To solve the problem of high-dimensional multivariate equations, the FK problem of the CDRPR is transformed into the tetrahedron approach and optimum theory.
This shape, called a tetrahedron, allows MMS to capture three-dimensional observations of magnetic reconnection 6 critical for fully understanding this process," NASA said in a (http://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2016/nasas-mms-achieves-closest-ever-flying-formation) statement released at the time.
Caption: VIA 57WEST, The Durst Organization's tetrahedron rising on Manhattan's West Side has been awarded The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat Best Tall Building Americas award.
There are only 5 basic solid shapes in addition to the sphere and torus: cube, tetrahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron.
The airport also will be repairing its 1942 tetrahedron, which indicates the direction of the wind, Anthony said.