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any polyhedron having four plane faces

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The four plastids become tetrahedrally positioned in the sporocyte.
Tetrasporocysts tetrahedrally or cruciately divided, 50-100 [micro]m in diam.
4]) where the central tetrahedrally bonded (T) atom is usually either a silicon or aluminium atom, surrounded by four oxygen atoms.
Each layer is formed of tetrahedrally coordinated Si atoms fused into an edge-sharing octahedral plane of either alumina or magnesia (4).
The fluoride is tetrahedrally bonded with three NH groups of a given tren and one OH group of water.
The book then describes the influence of long-range potential fluctuations on single-electron spectrum N(E) and optical properties of tetrahedrally coordinated polycrystalline and amorphous semiconductors in studies within a framework of a semi-empirical adiabatic Generalized Skettrup Model (GSM).
Recent simulations of elemental silicon, another tetrahedrally ordered substance, also snow a liquid-liquid phase transition.
33) assigned the 220-nm band in iron-containing mesoporous silicas to a ligand-to-metal charge transfer that involves isolated, tetrahedrally coordinated [Fe.
Only recently has a new family of microporous materials, constructed from tetrahedrally coordinated Li and Si, been discovered (3).
The single distinctive layer involves tetrahedrally coordinated (Zn/[Mn.
As shown in Figure 1, the structure is a two-dimensional layered network with the Ag ions being tetrahedrally coordinated to Te.