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a word that is written with four letters in an alphabetic writing system

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Jeff himself implicitly presented some in "Alphabetic trigrams and tetragrams", WW 32 #2 (1999).
I'm curious about Jeff's 1999 assertion that understudy "is probably the only everyday word" that sports an alphabetic tetragram. Overstuffed, as applied to furniture, also strikes me as an everyday word.
(Concise Dictionary of Biomedicine and Molecular Biology, P-S Juo, 2001) Tetragrams ABCD abcdarian see BCD BCDE Bcdef dubious surname listed 25+ times.
I was relieved to hear that the tetragrams were legal, and that Ross wouldn't get arrested for sending them through the email system, but still the question basically remains unanswered: Is there a relatively common word other than SOAP that has OAP in it?
Use tetragrams of those playing or of anyone well-known to them.
I've applied the HeLa tetragram process from the preceding article to all the contributors to Word Ways in the past ten years in order to curry favour.
Jeff Grant comments on "Vowel Tetragrams Revisited" as follows: "Concerning the Angolan place-name with 9 consecutive vowels, I discovered CAUAIAUAIA while browsing the OSNG for Angola back in 1985, and advised the Guinness Book of Records (it is listed in the 1987 edition) and of course Word Ways (Feb 1986 Colloquy)."
Runs of 4 vowels This subject was treated in detail in Susan Thorpe's Vowel Tetragrams (Nov 2003).
We may add 18 8-vowel sequences to Susan's six 'contiguous tetragrams': of these 18, just those with one or no consonants are shown, along with an example that is not a place:
Vowel Tetragrams by Darryl Francis (74140) is, to date, the only article which directly searches for VTWs.
Many of my additions are old forms of words, particularly those in which the letter U is replaced in modern English by the letter V, In 74213, Ross Eckler hit the nail on the head when he said "It seems clear that the Oxford English Dictionary can be mined for a much larger number of all-vowel tetragrams than.......reported in the August 1974 Word Ways".
WW74140 Vowel Tetragrams by Darryl Francis includes several vowel-rich 8-letter words.
All these 12-letter ladder words consist of 3 different tetragrams. But 12-letter ladder words can also be constructed from 4 different trigrams, as demonstrated by these African locations:
My best results first, cases in which the tetragram word has an AFFINITY with the person.
You deduce the name of the 'short person' from the tetragram plus a minimal clue.