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a word that is written with four letters in an alphabetic writing system

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Both the Tetragram and biblical angelic names are widely used in incantations emanating from a number of distinct religious communities, not all of which are biblically grounded.
These four letters are called the tetragram. Since the Jews consider the name of God too sacred to be pronounced, the tetragram is read aloud as Adonai or Elohim, when encountered in the Scripture.
I'm curious about Jeff's 1999 assertion that understudy "is probably the only everyday word" that sports an alphabetic tetragram. Overstuffed, as applied to furniture, also strikes me as an everyday word.
More appealing to me were lists of 24 words containing all possible permutations of a tetragram, possible for AIRT and AGIN.
I don't see it as much of an improvement, except for the fact that the TSCH tetragram is hard on American eyes and the j really is pronounced like a y.
BALL=JELL=RILL=2 were the only integral tetragram equalities I discovered easily.
EAU: BUREAU CRAT EIG: FOREIG N, SOVEREIG N EOU: GASEOU S, NAUSEOU S, RIGHTEOU S IOU: AMBITIOU S, DELICIOU S, RELIGIOU S OUL: COUL D, SHOUL D, WOUL D UOU: TUMULTUOU S, UNCTUOU S The bigram GH and the tetragram OUGH in the words listed below are both transcribed in W3 with [e] as one of the possible pronunciations:
The corresponding tetragram solution must use words beyond Webster's Unabridged; does anyone care to try and find one?
My best results first, cases in which the tetragram word has an AFFINITY with the person.
I've applied the HeLa tetragram process from the preceding article to all the contributors to Word Ways in the past ten years in order to curry favour.
This is equalled by WPPWRMWSTE (uppermost), and also ZSCHETZSCH (Germany) which begins and ends with the tetragram ZSCH.
"Each day at breakfast Bel gives us our orders: retracing her chalk tetragrams (and the Devil knows their purpose), and scraping the rust off these iron coffins she cherishes, their insides fitted out with sharp nails, and swabbing down the timbers of the ship, those huge, hot decks.
In the August 2018 Word Ways, it was good to see Jeff Grant revisiting his May 1999 article Alphabetic Trigrams and Tetragrams, and providing some additional examples of words and names using three and four consecutive letters of the alphabet.
Undominated Alphabetic Sequences, Ross Eckler, volume 15/2 (May 1982) Alphabetic Trigrams and Tetragrams, Jeff Grant, volume 32/2 (May 1999) Alphabetic Trigrams and Tetragrams Update, Jeff Grant, volume 51/3 (August 2018) We decided to search for words and names containing reverse trigrams and tetragrams.
In 'Alphabetic Trigrams and Tetragrams' (Word Ways, May 1999) we gave examples for 21 of the 24 trigram combinations and 11 of the 23 tetragrams.