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the cardinal number that is the sum of three and one

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Powering the Tetrad is the Raven Identity Solution software.
Preoperative angiocardiography ininfants with tetrad of Fallot: Review of 36 cases.
People involved in a company's human resources office, for example, know that those with the Dark Tetrad of conditions can be quite good at getting through job interviews and even screening tests, and then become a real pain once they start working.
Tetrad Recruitment Group will break with convention by only employing people with no previous experience in the recruitment sector, and Mr Stephenson believes it will employ 100 people and break the PS10m turnover barrier in three years.
Tetrad already has a team of five staff and the plan is to employ 10 by the end of the year, Neil added.
The tetrad or packet-forming arrangement is not unique to Sarcina organisms, and the main differential diagnosis upon light microscopy is with Micrococcus species, which is also a gram-positive coccus that occurs in tetrads or packets.
It is interesting to think about the tetrad in the context of digital media and their implications for the management of R&D (Table 2).
Now, Nairi is pursuing a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology in the Tetrad Program at the University of California in San Francisco.
Adding one more color of equal distance gives you the tetrad color combination.
The experiments emphasize combinations of classical and modern genetic approaches, including the isolation and characterization of mutants, two-hybrid analysis, tetrad analysis, complementation, and recombination, as well as molecular genetic techniques like yeast transformation, mating-type switching, gene replacement by polymerase chain reaction, construction and analysis of gene fusions, and generation of mutations.
Based on the findings we hoped to apply McLuhan's tetrad as a model that would allow us to analyze the impact of the experience for the users.
The tetrad is said be some to signal the End of Days, while others believe it signifies a significant religious event.
It will be the fourth of four total lunar eclipses in a two year period, which is known as a Lunar Tetrad - four total lunar eclipses six months apart.