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a colorless nonflammable liquid used as a solvent for fats and oils

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where [P.sub.w] is oil content of oily wastewater (mg/L); K is dilution multiple; [[phi].sub.w] is the oil content of diluted waste water determined by infrared spectrophotometry (mg/L); [P.sub.s] is oil content of oily solid waste, %; [[phi].sub.s] is the oil content of diluted water extracted from waste solid determined by infrared spectrophotometry (mg/L); and [[rho].sub.w] is the density of tetrachloromethane (g/mL).
This analysis detected rapid changes in functioning of the liver in response to a xenobiotic (tetrachloromethane) and traced the downstream consequences of its biotransformation.
Values of density ([rho]), molar volume ([V.sub.m]), theoretical and experimental speed of sound ([u.sub.cal] and [u.sub.exp]), percent deviation in speed of sound (%[DELTA]u) and isentropic compressibility ([[beta].sub.s]) for six binary mixtures; tetrahydrofuran (THF) + 1,2,4-trimethyl benzene (TMB), tetrahydrofuran (THF) + 1,2,3-trimethyl benzene (TMB), tetrachloromethane (TCM) + 1,2,4-trimethyl benzene (TMB), tetrachloromethane (TCM) + 1,3,5-trimethylbenzene, dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) + 1,2,4-trimethyl benzene + dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) + 1,3,5-trimethyl benzene at 298.5 K are presented in tables 2-7.
The chlorinated compounds include tetrachloromethane (i.e., carbon tetrachloride, C[Cl.sub.4]), tetrachloroethylene, and hexachlorobenzene.
The synthesis of the target compounds was accomplished using our previously optimized catalytic system for the Kharasch addition of tetrachloromethane to olefins under mild reaction conditions [14].
EPA 418.1 involves acidification of the water sample to pH < 2, extraction of the analytes from the sample matrix using 1,1,2-trichloro-1,2,2-trifluoroethane (Freon 113) or tetrachloromethane (C[Cl.sub.4]), and filtration of the extract through anhydrous sodium sulphate for moisture removal.
(a) Solvents SC16-S TC16-S SC16-N TC16-N Acetonitrile I I I I 1,4-Dioxane S I I G Isopentanol I G I G n-Butyl acrylate I I G S Benzene S S S S Formaldehyde I I I I n-Butanol G G I G Petroleum ether I S G I Nitrobenzene S G G G Tetrachloromethane S S S S Acetone S I G I Cyclohexanone S I G S Cyclopentanone I I G I n-Propanol G G I G Pyridine S S I S thf S S S S dmf I G I G Ethyl acetate I G I G Ethanolamine G I G I Isopropanol I G I G n-Hexane I S I S Aniline I G I G (a) S: solution; G: gel; I: insoluble.
Tetrachloromethane (99%) was purchased from Shanghai Guanghua Technology Co., Ltd.
Concentrations of trichloroethylene, chloroform, tetrachloromethane, and tetrachloroethylene in surface water were analysed in the Kohtla River downstream from the outlet of Viru Keemia Grupp, in the Narva River downstream from the effluent of Narva, and in the mouth of the Plyussa River.
Matteoli, "Thermodynamic study of tetrachloromethane or heptane + cycloalkane mixtures: Excess and solvation Gibbs energies," Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, vol.
Alcohol, tetrachloromethane, and N, N-dimethyl formamide were all of analytic grade, purchased from Shanghai Chemical Reagent Co.