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confined or restricted with or as if with a rope or chain

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Rebecca told Teesside Live that the horse belongs to a group of people who "came and put a marquee up and tethered her", but took it down the next day.
The filed patent outlines the proprietary system and technology that allows the conversion of battery-powered free-flying drones into a tethered drone system with ground-based power.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 27, 2019-: Aptar Partners with Nippon Closures to Provide Innovative Tethered Beverage Closure Solutions
AptarGroup and Nippon Closures announced that they have entered into an exclusive partnership to cross-license technology for tethered beverage closures.
With AVBT, that growth can be harnessed to gradually further correct the tethered portion of the spine,' notes Dr.
In the film, we learn that the 'clones' who are referred to as the 'Tethered' are part of an experiment conducted by the U.S.
The Tethered are lower class, the Wilsons are middle class and the Tylers are upper class.
Given that some elements of the film are left open to interpretation or up in the air, fans have wondered if we could be seeing more from the Tethered.
In this same Lightroom update, Adobe has boosted the speed and stability for tethered shooting when using supported Nikon cameras.
The animal charity says it is not against the law to keep horses tethered up, but that it will continue to 'monitor the situation'.
Apellix's precision-controlled aerial robotics systems are based on its patented software platform that utilizes tethered and untethered drones to move workers from harm's way.
CONCERNS have been raised for a "matted" and "sunburnt" pony tethered to a patch of land near to a busy road.
The carnival will require a ticket but there will be a large scope of activities you can do for free."<br />There will also be commercial balloon rides and tethered balloon rides.<br />Balloon rides cost $250 and must be booked in advance.