tetanus immune globulin

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sterile solution of globulins derived from the blood plasma of a person who has been immunized for tetanus

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The patient was given tetanus immune globulin and admitted to the intensive care unit in a quiet, dark room.
Several factors, including delays in seeking medical attention, access to tetanus immune globulin, and quality of supportive care, can affect survival.
Of the seven patients who did not receive appropriate PEP, five had punctures or contaminated wounds and unknown TT vaccination histories, and should have received both TT and tetanus immune globulin (TIG) as recommended.
Of those patient wounds, 132 (79.0%) were punctures, or contaminated, infected, or devitalized wounds considered tetanus-prone and eligible to receive tetanus immune globulin (TIG) (4).
At that time, he was not treated with either a tetanus toxoid vaccine or prophylactic tetanus immune globulin (TIG).