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It also shows that testicular ischemia can occur in the absence of a twisted spermatic cord, thereby underscoring the requirement for evaluating the testis in the setting of an incarcerated inguinal hernia.
As for FSHb, an indel was found to be significantly associated with testis long circumference (TLC) (P = 0.
On the basis of the fact that many adverse effects of DOX occur through the formation of free radicals, antioxidant therapies have been considered and have proven to be effective in assuaging effects of DOX on testis.
Longitudinal, anteroposterior, and transverse diameters of the testis were measured, and the testicular volume was calculated automatically using the CDUS device (volume = 0.
According to Globocan 2012 data, the incidence and mortality of testis carcinomas in males are 0.
12,13,20 Present study revealed that CBO administration ameliorated histopathological lesions of testis induced by cadmium; it increased the germinal epithelium thickness, improved the spermetogenic cells resulting in improved Johnson's score, these are the parameters indicative of protection provided by CBO against testicular toxicity induced by cadmium.
Conclusions: Benign lesions and TIN in the neighbouring testis were significantly decreased and multifocality was increased in patients with a tumour mass size of [less than or equal to]1 cm.
Patient had bilateral undescended testis (cryptorchid), hypospadiasis and micropenis.
Dalian, China) from the testis, caput, corpus, and cauda epididymis of six sheep according to the method described by Shi et al.
An ultra sonogra phy of abdom en, pelvis and scrotum showed absence of testis at all possible sites.
The specimens were studied and identified as Tamerlania swabiensis new species on the basis of shape and size of the body; having pointed spines on the body; symmetrical, juxtaposed and elongated testes; transversely elongated, sub-median ovary located just above the right testis, and Vitelline bands commencing at the level of the middle of the testes.
1) Enlargement of a scrotal testis is the presenting manifestation in most JGCT, while a minor ity of cases are found during work up for ambiguous genitalia, undescended testicles, or testicular torsion.