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Synonyms for testing

Synonyms for testing

the act of subjecting to experimental test in order to determine how well something works

an examination of the characteristics of something

the act of giving students or candidates a test (as by questions) to determine what they know or have learned

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Justices who seemed opposed to the drug testing immediately pointed out that, by the school board's own admission, drug use was more of a problem at Tecumseh High School for students not involved in extracurricular activities.
Only one patient experienced a systemic reaction to testing (hives and wheezing), which responded to one dose of subcutaneous epinephrine.
Under the Bush plan, then, one can expect more of the oppressive standardized testing system that was so dehumanizing in Texas during his tenure as governor.
Sacks recognizes how standardized tests are used to track students and confer privilege, and thus he connects the current fascination with testing to the attack on affirmative action.
Counseling is an important part of HIV testing. It is anonymous and confidential.
Even if different business units use entirely different hardware configurations and software packages, every organization should have a uniform approach to testing that all operations can implement.
Of 41 samples (40 SARS and 1 H5N1) received for testing, 26 (63%) samples were not tested because clinician responses failed to satisfy the screening criteria.
found that students from impoverished backgrounds were unlikely to be exposed to challenging curricula and instructional methods and suggested that the focus on testing restricts educational opportunities for those most in need.
Sixty-three percent had a regular health care provider; of this group, 69% felt that it was important to receive HIV prevention services from their provider, and 57% had ever discussed HIV testing with their provider.
Fecal testing, which searches for traces of blood in the stool, has a history as a diagnostic tool for colorectal cancer.
IN PREPARATION FOR THIS month's column on best practices for employee and pre-employment drug testing, human resource departments at more than 25 colleges and universities nationwide were contacted.
There's never been a better time to outfit your lab or QC inspectors with testing and measuring instruments.
Systems that integrate this process into their overall development and testing schedule normally transition into the field smoothly and provide the best support to their users.
We have learned over time that the development of successful alternative methods in toxicology testing requires the successful integration of three elements: First, there must be a solid foundation of understanding the basic biology and toxicology of the tissues and organs being studied.
There's lots of buzz about formative assessment these days; some analysts say this latest byproduct of No Child Left Behind comprises the fastest-growing segment of the education testing market.
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