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Synonyms for testify

give evidence


testify to something

Synonyms for testify

to give evidence or testimony under oath

to confirm formally as true, accurate, or genuine

to give grounds for believing in the existence or presence of

Synonyms for testify

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On September 23, Senator Specter announced that hearings had been rescheduled for October 5 and that the Pentagon would allow the witnesses to testify.
Without a doubt, this book will help the veteran, as well as the inexperienced, law enforcement officer testify in court more effectively.
If you reach a point where you are uncomfortable or cannot testify to something the attorney wishes you to, say so--vigorously if necessary.
Fortunately, at trial, the experts did testify effectively and the United States did prevail against Trigon's efforts to recover taxes and interest.
It is made up of individuals who are willing to put their experience up for sale and testify in a wide variety of insurance disputes.
Public Company Accounting Oversight Board Chairman William McDonough was among those scheduled to testify at that hearing.
Physicians who testify in cases other than medical malpractice--such as patient slip and falls, worker compensation, child abuse, criminal and product liability--may also be affected.
The next to testify was David Weprin, chairman of the City Council's Finance Committee.
And this being the '90s, they were able to find not one, not two, but three experts willing to testify that Mistich died because the design of her car's seat anchorage system was flawed.
Wong did not testify before the grand jury in August.
How people testify and how others perceive them are as important as their testimony.
Enron's president and CEO, who declined invitations to testify at the Dec.
On October 29th, Oklahoma Judge Ray Dean Linder ruled that, because of objections from the Bush-Ashcroft DOJ, retired FBI Agent Dan Vogel would not be allowed to testify about evidence he had received concerning Mideast connections to the OKC bombing.
We are looking to testify in the hearings on Vice President Al Gore's "Reinventing Government," and will maintain our profile and be active regarding ADA and code issues.
In one San Francisco case involving a client whose wall fell down because of a backed up city sewer, attorney Steve Kaus was forced to call on three experts: a former insurance agent to testify that the city should have paid up sooner, a soils expert to testify that the wall really did fall down because of the flooded sewer, and a psychiatrist to show that the six-year delay in getting simple justice had driven his client nuts.