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Synonyms for testify

give evidence


testify to something

Synonyms for testify

to give evidence or testimony under oath

to confirm formally as true, accurate, or genuine

to give grounds for believing in the existence or presence of

Synonyms for testify

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The following day, Giorgos Kittos and Panicos Pouros, both board members who tendered their resignations, are scheduled to testify before current board chairman Giorgos Hadjinikolas testifies on Wednesday, September 5.
By the time the writer Lillian Hellman testifies on Mar 21, 1952, many people in Hollywood feel that it is time to stand up to them.
In those cases where people lack sufficient expertise, they will have to fall back on more indirect evidence of accuracy or inaccuracy (e.g., considering who testifies and how they testify).
Craig (1990) when it required the trial court to find that the child is unavailable to testify in open court in the presence of the defendant because the child refuses to testify, the child is unable to communicate, or there is a substantial likelihood that the child will suffer severe emotional trauma if the child testifies. The court added the statute actually went beyond the requirements in Craig because it provided for two-way closed-circuit television as opposed to the one-way closed-circuit testimony upheld in Craig.
Contrarily, the board argues constitutional issues do not apply when someone testifies falsely.
or to any event which took place in the presence of the deceased ..., except in the following instances: (a) if any person testifies on behalf of the representative to any conversation with the deceased ...