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a written examination

paper impregnated with an indicator for use in chemical tests

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From the moment the woman's hand slapped the test paper on to the desk, her son's behaviour changed for the worse and has continued in that vein ever since.
A division bench including Justice Muneeb Akhtar and Justice Umer Siyal heard a petition pertaining to the NTS test paper leak.
I remember this one time in first grade when I turned a test paper in, and when I turned around to return to my seat my teacher yelled at me with an enraged look on her face.
Seven tenders requesting international offers from companies & agents to supply of (a) 10 tons centralite, (b) 60 tons di butyl phthalate, (c) 2 tons di venyl amine, (d) 80 tons potassium nitrate, (e) Apple type paper for laboratories, (f) violet methyl test paper & (g) laboratory chemicals.
An educational delegation from Ministry of Education visited a school in the United Kingdom and was briefed on a number of educational aspects related to how to set up test paper, aspects of teacher-teacher training and professional development.
PAPERBACKS 1 The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared, Jonas Jonasson 2 The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year, Sue Townsend 3 A Street Cat Named Bob, James Bowen 4 Life Of Pi, Yann Martel 5 Thinking, Fast And Slow, Daniel Kahneman 6 Wolf Hall, Hilary Mantel 7 F in Exams: The Best Test Paper Blunders, Richard Benson 8 The Snow Child, Eowyn Ivey 9 The Hobbit: The Worldwide Bestseller, JRR Tolkein 10 Mr Stink, David Walliams HARDBACKS 1 Jamie's 15-Minute Meals, Jamie Oliver 2 Is It Just Me?
Mr Gove is concerned the existing system is not rigorous enough and changes will prevent schools choosing the easiest test paper to inflate results.
There is also an example of difficulty percentage calculation and discrimination index manually done for the English Form 1 real test paper that was used in Bachok National Secondary School, Kelantan.
He added the purpose behind emailing the questions to the news agency was to stop others buying the test paper and to get the exam annulled.
Huang, from Quanzhou, Fujian province, was found by a test supervisor to be writing on her test paper without looking up at the computer screen to see the questions.
Shanghai's two airports, Hong Qiao International Airport and Shanghai Pudong Airport, will be implementing the use of test paper for security.
The performance of INT-PRW24 was verified by two test methods, including dynamic contact angle, a timed, visual measurement of the test paper's absorption of a picoliter droplet; and ultrasound, a timed measurement of signal transmission through the test paper.
Put one piece of test paper into one of the test tubes, close the tube, and shake it gently for 30 seconds to mix the paper with the liquid.
Characters include: a costumed boy who steals hard-earned money from the school play in Clown Costume Mystery: a football player who might miss a big game because his test paper has disappeared in Missing Test Mystery; and a girl who may attend the school dance after all because of a note from The Secret Admirer, Accompanying teacher's guides include activities and reproducibles designed to motivate students and extend their reading skills.
Copying an answer from another kid's test paper is cheating, but making notes on your palm for a test is not.