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a representative legal action whose outcome is likely to become a precedent

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The network can reflect the complex nonlinear relationship between the coverage data and execution result of test case when the training of deep neural network is completed.
"Operators need to run vast amounts of test cases in very narrow timespans.
UML models are popular not only for designing and documenting systems; but also used in test case design as they are well recognized [4].
Then, Oh et al.'s method could generate the test case satisfying transition coverage for an SL/SF model without any static analysis.
Our approach is to represent the uncertainty in the subgrid-scale processes with an additive noise term in the dynamical tendencies for a Held-Suarez test case. This can be further extended to other stochastic test cases where uncertainty in model dynamics and physics can be tested simultaneously.
Not surprisingly, lower savings were calculated for smaller temperature setback/setup ranges (i.e., 21[degrees]C [69.8[degrees]F] for heating and 26[degrees]C [78.8[degrees]F] for cooling for sold rooms and 18[degrees]C [64.4[degrees]F] for heating and 29[degrees]C [84.2[degrees]F] for cooling for unsold rooms) assumed in Test Case 2-12.3% for the total floor and 22.8% for the VRF heating and cooling, with a lower increase in occupied unmet hours--5.0% over Base Case 3.
Kochhar has previously featured in popular web series including ALTBalaji's The Test Case , Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat and Sacred Games .
During the model checking activity, the generation of the test case suite and its application to the simulator are automated with the help of computational tools; we observe that the translation method is performed manually, in order to provide a first experimental evaluation of the approach.
In the condition of constant voltage stress, 2 nm thick oxide NMOS capacitor is stressed with [V.sub.G] = 3.2 V and [V.sub.s] = 0 V in test case (1).
Talking to a private news channel, she said the resolution regarding Jerusalem was the test case for the United Nations, because people of Palestine were focusing on the UNGA session.
As said above, associating a cost value to each test case is a natural extension of TSR.
* We develop a tool called RPFuzzer, which is superior to previous network protocol testing tools on the strategy of test case generation and the methods of monitoring and debugging routers.
Automatic test-generation technologies analyze source code and generate new test cases to exhaustively test software.