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a place equipped with instruments for testing (e

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FuelCon is a leading manufacturer and supplier of R and D and EOL (end of line) test beds and turnkey solutions for the E-Mobility sector, with expertise in battery and fuel cell applications.
Tenders are invited for: test bed for demonstration of the safety of future telecommunication constellations (artes at 3a.083)
These test beds encompass current and future applications of fluid power, influence neighboring applications and solve important societal problems.
Test beds are high- tech infrastructure facilities that have the hardware instrumentation tools, simulators and other support software necessary for testing imported telecom equipment related to 3G, 2G and Wimax.
HP said it has formed an alliance with Intel Corporation and Yahoo, to create a global, multi-data centre, open source test bed for the advancement of cloud computing research and education.
These computer resources at the ARC provide a multiple test bed environment to support the research and development activities within the Missile Defense Agency and military services.
Bob Durstenfeld, a spokesperson for HP, said that the company would be releasing a new SOC test platform on July 15 which, unlike other test beds, would be able to encompass the entire SOC test procedure.
WESTERN TELECOM vendors in India have been desperately seeking to bend rules and refusing to abide by new norms for import of telecom gears largely because the government has made it mandatory to share funds for setting up ' test beds' for strict security checks here.
Laboratory facilities are available for independent benchmarking and interoperability testing, proof-of-concept and product demonstrations, collaboration projects on solution development or customization test beds, and as a training venue with hands-on sessions for enterprises implementing network storage technology.
NHS England and the Office for Life Sciences have launched a new competition to identify a second wave of test beds.
Despite the availability of advanced automated functional testing in several parts of the world, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and automotive technology providers favor North American test beds to the ones in Europe and Asia.
In the STM Validation Project, the theoretical definition work carried out in MONALISA 2.0 will be taken into practice by establishing large-scale test beds for Sea Traffic Management in the Nordic region and in the Mediterranean Sea.
Test benchesFinally, the Company wishes to inform now all the candidates that the consultation phase will integrate the realization to the maximum of three test beds that will be paid each up to 300 000 EUR maximum HT every tenderer whose tender fulfilled the requirements playoff defined at this stage.
Ericsson 5G research has come out of the labs and into live test networks with eleven leading operators working with Ericsson 5G radio test beds already publicly announced, with eight of these being in Asia.
(Nasdaq: YHOO), announced today the creation of a global, multi-data center, open source test bed for the advancement of cloud computing research and education.