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Reed's music had that room: a lot of repetition, empty spaces, terseness, intuition, blankness, bluntness, talking as singing.
Narrative terseness predominates; there is no room for "epiphanic moments, psychological insights, subtlety or implication" (240), i.e.
Her crude geometric abstraction with mismatched coloration and form liberates them from formal terseness. Although there is a naivete to the works, they exhibit natural intuition and a sure hand.
It was not so much the verdict itself that shocked a lot of people (after all, we all knew that it would go in one direction or another!) as the unbelievable terseness of it: Justice Atuguba's halting declamation lasted all of five and a half minutes, give or take 30/40 seconds!
We should be thankful for the variety of examples offered, with the understanding that Melbye's occasional terseness reads as an invitation for further work and future projects.
Both the individual pieces and the entire body of work oscillates between terseness and bombast.
But when the diary becomes public and Isabella, now shunned by society, moves to rented rooms, she writes with admirable terseness, "I was careless & thoughtless, and so deserve to suffer." Summerscale's research and careful shaping of the narrative evokes not only a complex Victorian woman but also a complex Victorian culture.
The editor's own essay on Prisoner of Honor (1991) is excellent in its terseness, but the film itself is relatively mediocre.
Mac Low's late voice comes into full bloom here, maintaining a commitment to procedure, yet often coming close (but never too close) to "about-ness." Personally, I have always associated Mac Low's Cagean commitments with a certain terseness and austerity, but poems like Number 87 ("A Stable Person") are positively garrulous, tempering Cagean proceduralism with Steinian improvisation: "Staring at the blackboard who is listening to thought as a window sphere / the color of notes on a page a maze that's falling into letters appears as light." Lines like these take the shape of sentences, but allow their components to drift into different syntactical configurations: is the blackboard "listening to thought as a window sphere," or is "who" the beginning of a question?
While this may reflect a decision on the part of the publisher to make the book more affordable, the book's terseness may have hindered Puri from sharing the full breadth of his intellectual investigations and even, in a few instances, clearly defining his terminology.
The terseness of the lyric that describes only one dramatic event: the fight between the man and his fate.
Stylistically, there are occasional lapses, which are characterised by a postmodern 'fruitiness' (45) or a vatic terseness. (46) The standard of proofreading, as one would expect of Deborah Blake and her team, is remarkably high.
The "terseness" of the written text does often seem to demand such an effort.
Early in The Maltese Falcon, Sam Spade, ordinarily prone to verbal terseness, relates an odd story about a missing person case.